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Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

Plain and simple, bed bugs are bad for your home and your business, and there has been an increase of infestations in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia in the past few years. Our company is a professional bedbug exterminator that will eradicate these pests from your home, hotel and place of business.
Bed bugs are an issue we hope to never face in a lifetime, however if you are ever struck by an infestation of these pesky characters Environmental Pest Control can help to remove them quickly and effectively.
What are the common causes of bed bug infestations?
  1. Travel.  Whenever you travel for work or vacation, you are traveling in high traffic areas and typically stay the night in hotels.  These are very common places where bed bugs can make their way into your suitcase and hitch a ride back to your home.
  2. College.  Have children in college?  Again, high traffic areas, multiple beds in dormitory living creates the ideal situation for bed bugs to come home with your loved one.
  3. New Furniture. If you have brought home new furniture, we’re focusing mainly on used furniture here, that is another common way to bring bed bugs home.
  4. Guests.  Having outside guests staying at your house that have bed bugs on them or their belongings is another culprit.
Environmental uses state of the bed bug treatment that not only eliminates bed bugs in days, instead of weeks with traditional chemical treatments, and also prevents bed bugs from coming back for up to 90 days!  Our treatment is much easier on our customers as it requires very minimal preparation, the treatment is a one-time application which results in a much less invasive experience for home owners dealing with bed bugs.
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