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Environmental Pest Control Now Serving Washington DC

Zip Code Service Area 20007, 20015, 20016

Licensed Pest Control – Exterminators – Rats, Mice, Ants, Squirrels,Insects

Environmental Pest Control was founded in 2006 and has expanded into NW Washington DC.   We have certified inspectors and technicians that are ready to quickly handle all of your pest control needs!  Free inspections & estimates and emergency services are available for houses, condos, apartments and businesses. Click here to schedule 

The main pests found throughout DC are all controllable including rats, mice, ants and squirrels.  Both one-time treatments, and more preferably, preventative treatment plans are available to accommodate any need.   

Rat & Mouse Exterminator in Washington DC – COVID Warning to DC Residents

The city of DC has a well-known rat and mouse infestation problem. It ranks as the 4th most rat-infested city in the USA. COVID 19 has exacerbated the problem according to the CDC. The DC Department of Health (DOH) Rodent Control Division has noted an increase in the number of rats across the District and issued recent warnings. A lot of rats are on the move in DC since many restaurants - and their outside dumpsters- are empty. Looking for new sources of food, the rat population is bolder and more aggressive. Although mice maybe less worrisome than rats, they are much harder to keep out of your house or business. And their potential to spread disease and damage your property is just as high.

Rat & Mice Exclusion - Extermination Services in Washington DC

We specialize in ground-level exclusions which is the key for mice and rat issues.  These rodents find their way into your living space from exterior voids at ground level such as gaps in electrical or HVAC lines, gaps around hose bibs or exterior vents, and any cracks or voids in the exterior structure due to poor craftsmanship or old and deteriorated materials that need replacing. In the case of mice, if a pencil can fit into a hole a mouse could too. In some cases rats may have underground borrows. Our BurrowRX machine will eliminate outside, underground rat infestations quickly. 

Choose Your Pest Control Plan and We Come Fast

Although we offer both one-time and recurring treatments, active rat and mice issues usually require recurring protection.  No one-time pest treatment will get rid of active rodent infestations and most homeowner DIY treatments fail.  It typically takes 30-60 days to completely solve heavy rodent infestations.  Multiple rodent stations need to be set up and checked every couple week’s over the initial 30–60-day period to ensure the bait is kept full to permanently eliminate the rodent colony.  After this initial “knock down” phase, service can resume at the typical 90-day treatment schedule to maintain a rodent free environment.

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Pest Control FAQs for DC Residents

1) What pests do you control in Washington DC?

DC Rodent Control Services

Mice, Rats, Squirrels

DC General Pest Control Services

Ants (including Carpenter Ants), Bedbugs, Centipedes & Millipedes, Cockroaches, Crickets, Earwigs, Fleas, Mosquitos and Ticks, Silverfish, Spiders, Stinkbugs, Termites

DC Hazardous Stinging Insect Eradication

Wasps, European Hornets, Bald Face Hornets, Stinging Insects up to 20’ in Height, Yellow Jack Nests in Walls & Underground

2) What DC neighborhoods do you service?

• Barnaby Woods
• Berkley
• Burleigh-Hillandale
• Cathedral Heights
• Chevy Chase
• Cleveland Park
• Foxhall Village
• Friendship Heights
• Georgetown
• Mclean Gardens
• Palisades
• Spring Valley
• Tenleytown
• Upper Chevy Chase
• Wesley Heights
• Westchester
• Westmoreland Terrace
• Westover Place

3) Does the City of Washington DC Issue Rat and Mice Control Tips?

Yes see

4) Are you a licensed DC Pest Control Company

Yes license # 10560 by DC Department of Energy & Environment Pesticide Program.

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