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The approach of spring and summer assures warm weather is on the way. It also ensures that moles and voles will become more active throughout Northern VA, Maryland and Eastern WV. Severe lawn damage can result until mole control is used or the lawn surfaces freezes in the winter. Call us now to ensure you are prepared this year.

Our seasonal Mole & Vole Control plan will prevent moles from invading your home and yard. All moles can be damaging, but the Eastern mole is by far the most widespread. It is better described as the common or grey mole. This mole is the strongest of the group and is most often associated with tunnels and or mole mounds. The best programs are preventative. However, if you have an existing infestation our expert pest exterminators can eliminate eastern moles, star-nosed moles, shrew moles and other species.

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  • Eastern mole experts – tunnel location, treatment, and control
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  • Shrew mole exports – tunnel location, treatment, and control
  • Total house integrated pest management programs

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