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CDC Issues Warning for 2018 Mosquito and Tick Season

Northern Virginia, Maryland and Eastern West Virginia are no strangers to mosquitoes or ticks; they never miss an opportunity to appear as soon as temperatures begin to warm in the spring.  Environmental Pest Control has treatment programs that can diminish the threat of mosquitoes and ticks and can create a safe outdoor environment for your family and pets. Our mosquito & tick control program protects our client’s homes in two ways, by reducing current populations of these pests and preventing new mosquito & tick populations from affecting your home.  We also back up our work with a WARRANTY.

Our mosquito treatments are applied every 21 days from April-September.  While most other companies treat monthly, we stand behind our 21 treatment cycle because the effectiveness of the treatment wears off after the 21 day period.  Our tick treatments are applied every 30 days from April – November.

Our treatment procedure includes:

1. A licensed technician will inspect the area each month to locate breeding sites. The technician will eliminate and/or treat the identified breeding sites with a larvacide which eliminates mosquito & tick larvae in the areas where they breed.

2. The technician then treats resting areas of adult mosquito & tick populations to help suspend further breeding. Resting areas usually include tree lines, bushes, shrubs, tall grass areas and other growth areas.
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