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Squirrels are active year round in the Mid-Atlantic area. They will happily set-up residence in your home’s attic or crawlspace squeezing – or chewing – through holes as small as 2 inches. These pests can do extensive damage to wiring, wood, soffits and insulation.  Their urine and feces is full of dangerous parasites and salmonella. If they die in your house they will attract a host of other pests. Squirrel control, removal – extermination is a job best left to a professional company.

We offer programs that will quickly remove squirrels from your home and attic and prevent them from coming back. Free inspections.


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Squirrel Removal FAQs

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Each situation is different. The best way depends on where the squirrels are located and if they have young. We will recommend the best combination of controls, deterrents and live trapping. Extermination or dead trapping is a last resort and rarely necessary. If animals are present in attics during our seal up, all holes except for one will be sealed, and a one-way door will be set at the one exit hole. Once all animals exit your home our team will return, verify all squirrels are gone, remove the one-way door and seal up the last hole.
Squirrel Damage seen at Downspout Seeing squirrels on your roof or chimney, hearing scratching or jumping noises in ceilings, walls or attics, seeing holes in eaves, siding, under the soffits or chewed shingles, water damage on your ceilings, droppings in your attic, seeing insulation washed down your downspouts.
Most of our jobs include squirrel removal and future prevention. Our prevention includes exclusions/seal ups and carries a one-year written warranty (365 days). If there are any problems we come back – quickly.
Download our Warranty.
Soffits, Wood, Repair:
Environmental Pest Control is not a general contractor. We will seal holes up so that the animals will not return. In the case of large holes, damaged siding, soffits or roof lines we suggest you contact a general contractor for cosmetic repairs. Reminder; most GC’s will not enter an attic with a live animal in it. Prior to any work they require all wildlife must be removed.

Electrical/Wiring Repair:
Environmental Pest Control is not an electrician. If any unsafe electrical conditions are seen during inspection our techs will report it and advise home owner contact an electrician.

As long as the squirrel is accessible we will safely remove any dead animals. We will not cut any dry wall to gain access. If drywall or other material needs to be removed we can be there at the same time as a general contractor so they can make the cuts, then we can safely remove the animal and they can repair. Yes we can remove baby squirrels, humanly. First the mother squirrel needs to be removed from of the attic usually using a one-way door. Then the baby squirrels can be relocated to a warming box near the outside of the house where the mother squirrel will reclaim them. The gray squirrel usually has liters in February and June.

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