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Bird Control & Removal in

Waterford VA

Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

Bird Control Services in
Waterford VA
Environmental Pest Control is a pest bird control and pest bird removal company servicing 
Waterford VA
. We provide residential and commercial bird control and removal services for residential properties, commercial properties, industrial warehouses, and retail businesses.  We humanely remove birds such as black birds, sparrows, pigeons, gulls, geese, and other nuisance birds.  We custom tailor our approach based on the bird control issue.  We use bird netting, bird spikes, aromatic repellent, and other methods to best match the need on each situation.  Our goal is always to provide our customers with the best service to meet their bird control goals.  Give us a call today to schedule your free bird control inspection! 
Bird in Vent Removal
Waterford VA
When birds build nests in your home vents, it is a safety issue. Typical nesting sites like dryer and bathroom vents can restrict air flow and cause lint buildup which may increase the risk of fire. Bird nesting material is typically very dry and combustible.  Bird nests are known to cause health issues for humans. Bird droppings carry up to 60 diseases and pathogens many of which are airborne and can be easily transferred to humans. Nests are also vectors for parasites, ticks, mites, and other pests.  We provide hundreds of bird in vent services every year come spring time.  Call us today and we will quickly and professionally solve your bird in vent problem. 
Bird in Attic Removal
Waterford VA
When enter your attic or crawlspace series damage can follow.  Bird nests in attics can cause contamination damage to insulation and create a dangerous health risks.  We have seen our fair share of dead birds in chimneys and attics which become magnets for insects and rodents.  Environmental Pest Control can properly seal up your attic so that birds do not return.  We will also replace contaminated insulation and sanitize and disinfect the area to make it safe again.
Bird Netting Installation
Waterford VA
Environmental Pest Control is a professional bird netting installation company in.  When it comes to commercial bird control, bird netting installation is the most effective bird control method, providing a barrier that will keep birds out of the intended treatment areas.   Bird netting requires the right product, tools, and professional installation to prevent sagging or drooping of the net, which can create gaps that will allow birds to get through. The Environmental Pest Control team can quickly and thoroughly install bird netting at your business to prevent bird damages.
Bird Spike Installation
Waterford VA
Environmental Pest Control is a professional bird spike installation company.  Bird spikes are one of the most effective pest bird control methods, providing a deterrent for pest birds.  Bird control spikes, also known as pigeon spikes or anti-roosting spikes, consist of long, needle-like rods used to keep birds at bay.  Bird control spikes are attached to building ledges and commercial signage to prevent wild birds from perching or roosting. The Environmental Pest Control team can quickly and thoroughly install bird spikes at your business to prevent bird damages.  We Install bird spikes on edges, ledges, signage, window sills, lights, towers, masts, aerials, rooftops, parapets, cornices, HVAC installations, beams, girders, porches, awnings, doors, and entryways, and any horizontal surface that become a favorite hangout for birds!  
Aromatic Bird Control
Waterford VA
Aromatic bird control is the use of equipment that will dispense a scent that repels birds from outdoor areas.  Aromatic bird control is a preventative strategy and is best if installed before birds arrive in the spring time to ensure no infestations occur.  For outdoor areas where bird nesting is not occurring, aromatic repellent is a great choice (heavy infestations and/or nesting is best for bird netting).  Patios, decks, garages, warehouses, and other outdoor spaces are great fits for aromatic bird control.  Aromatic bird control works well with pigeons, starlings, gulls, blackbirds, swallows, sparrows, finches, crows, geese, and swans. 

Bird Nest Removal FAQs

What does professional bird nest removal cost?

The price can vary widely based on height of vent.  A general rule of thumb is $250-$500 depending on the height and accessibility of the vent.  Complex removal of birds nesting in your attic, including attic sanitation, may be $1,500-$4,000. The cost for a chimney cap- if needed- can vary between $100- $800 depending on size and material (copper being the most durable but most expensive). We will provide you with a firm quotation based on our inspection.

When can you legally remove a bird nest?

The best time to remove a nest from an attic, chimney or vent is after nesting season is over and the young have left the nest. Most birds only nest once per year; usually in springtime. The specific bird species must first be identified.  Then you must confirm that all young have left the nest. 

Are chimney caps really necessary for bird exclusion? 

In our opinion they are an absolute necessity and one of cheapest forms of “insurance” you can buy. Insurance against water damage, fires and bird infestations. 

What happens if there are birds found in my chimney? How can they be legally removed? 

We are licensed bird nest removal specialists in Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia.  We can legally remove both live and dead birds from chimneys. The most common bird species to inhabit your chimney are chimney swifts, starlings, swallows and doves. Removal must be done humanly and legally before installing any bird-proof chimney caps or guards. 

What are chimney swifts? How do I know if they are in my chimney?

Chimney swifts are swallow-like birds that have become experts at nesting in chimneys.  They start to enter chimneys in the springtime in VA, MD, WVA and DC. Being small, they can easily squeeze through damaged chimney caps. Their feces will smell in your chimney and they are loud chirpers. The Wildlife Center of Virginia reported that in 2021 the number of calls due to chimney swift issues is up substantially.  Chimney swifts are protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act and cannot be removed until the hatchlings have left. If you suspect chimney swifts -or other birds- are nesting in your chimney, call us for an inspection and legal removal plan.

How do you get rid of pigeons on a roof, balcony or in an attic?

The USDA Wildlife Services branch considers pigeons THE most serious bird pest for human homes. That is because they roost in large groups and reproduce rapidly. Their droppings are highly toxic carrying a host of diseases that can contaminate large areas. We can install netting, use bird spikes or guards to keep them from landing on roofs, ledges and balconies. In some cases, professional bird repellents in gel/caulk form will be effective. In an attic, extreme care and full protective equipment is necessary. Dangerous dried pigeon feces, is usually airborne and highly toxic. We use professional trapping devices, one-way exclusion devices, and/or baiting. Once the attic is clear of birds, we will seal up entry points, sanitize the attic and remove/replace any damaged insulation.

How can a homeowner remove birds from vents, chimneys and attics?

We don’t recommend DIY bird nest removal but if you try it, do it carefully! Identify the species and make sure that the nest may be legally removed. Make sure there are no young birds or eggs present. Make sure to wear full protective clothing, gloves and a professional respirator to protect yourself from airborne pathogens. Before and after removal use a strong disinfectant to sanitize the area. Then install bird-proof exclusion devices.

How do I prevent birds from nesting in my house?

As a homeowner you can take some steps to reduce the chances. Our best advice is proactive exclusion since it is much cheaper than removal. Have our free professional inspection. Other steps include:
- Keep bird baths and bird feeders far away from your house. 
- Install birdproof vent covers, chimney caps and gutter guards.  Seal attic vents with wire mesh. 
- Install bird spikes in common nesting locations - porches, awnings, doors, window sills. 
- Do periodic inspections to identify openings.

What is your service area?

Please Click Here to see our entire MD, VA, and WV coverage areas.

How can I schedule your bird nest removal services and get a price quote?

Callus at (540) 441-7397 or schedule via our form. We respond quickly.

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