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Centipede Control

Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia

Centipede Removal Services

Environmental Pest Control is a Centipede (aka “House Centipede”) removal company in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.  Centipedes feed on other pests such as silverfish, cockroaches, spiders, and carpet beetles.  Seeing many house centipedes could be signs of an underlying issue that you have a pest infestation and should be deal with quickly!  Centipede infestations are best controlled by a quarterly pest control plan, before they begin so call us today for a free estimate!

How to Get Rid of House Centipedes

Getting rid of house centipedes in the house is performed by our highly trained pest technicians using their experience and pest control products to eliminate the food source the centipedes feed on. The best way to get rid of house Centipede uses a combination of Centipede baits, Centipede sprays, granules, and seal up services.  We are quickly able to get rid of your Centipede infestation! Creating a barrier with a quarterly pest control program is always the best way to protect your home from Centipede.

What is a House Centipede? 

House Centipedes are common pests found inside homes and businesses.  They are harmless but they do eat other pests so if you see a lot of centipedes, it could be a sign you have another pest infestation.  Centipedes hang out in dark damp locations during the day and come out at night to feed.  Common areas that house centipedes live are in and around sump pumps, under concrete slabs, in floor drains, inside cement block walls, and any cool and damp location.

Do Centipedes Bite and Are Centipedes Poisonous? 

House centipedes are poisonous because they have venom that is stored in their front limbs, which is used to kill their prey.  If centipedes are disturbed, they are known to bite.  While their bites are not dangerous or fatal to humans, if they are startled their bites can be painful.  Centipede’s bites to humans will cause a red or swollen blotch of skin.

Environmental Pest Control provides professional centipede control and extermination services in the following cities:

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