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Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

The approach of spring and summer in the Mid-Atlantic area assures warm weather is on the way. It also ensures that ants will become more active. Call us now to ensure you are prepared this year.
Click to view our pest control plans that will protect your home from ants and many other pests year round!  The best programs are preventative. However, if you have an existing infestation our expert pest exterminators can eliminate carpenter ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants and other species.
  • Ant Removal Plans, Click to View Plans
  • State Certified Technicians - Exterminators
  • Traditional and organic  prevention and extermination programs
  • One-time service or annual contract based on your needs
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Carpenter Ant experts  – nest location, treatment, moisture & damage  control
  • Odorous house ants experts – multiple queens & nests eliminated before they spread
  • Pavement ant control in hard to reach areas – walls, insulation and under floors
  • Indoor & outdoor ant control treatments
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Ant Control FAQ's

What areas do you service?

Please Click Here to see our entire MD, VA, WV coverage areas.

What is the average cost for an ant exterminator in the MD, VA, WV area?

Professional ant control and extermination costs vary depending on the market, the service, the type of ant, the size of the treatment area, and if there is a warranty provided. Average costs for a one-time ant control treatment are $150-$450. Average costs for a recurring quarterly pest control plan, that included ants, is $320- $750 per year. CLICK HERE to see a complete list if average pest control prices. 

What kinds of ants are in the Mid-Atlantic area? How can I identify ants? 

If you see ants in your house, trees or lawn it is important to identify the species before any extermination plan.  A professional exterminator will do that or you may attempt identification yourself.  Some ant infestations could pose a nuisance, or worse a danger, to your home and family. The ant species found locally are Acrobat Ants, Argentine Ants, Carpenter Ants, Crazy Ants, Odorous House Ants, Pharoah Ants and even Fire Ants. A few invasive ants pose a real human health threat.  And carpenter ants left unchecked are extremely dangerous when it comes to wood structural damage. 

What is the cost of carpenter ant extermination?

We know from experience that carpenter ants are one of the most difficult pests to control and eliminate. The cost may vary widely based on our detailed carpenter ant inspection - and resultant extermination plan. A licensed professional may take many hours and treatments to completely exterminate carpenter ants or it may take only one-time treatment. Sometimes drilling is required. Average costs range from $250-$800. Prevention is always lower cost. Once eliminated, we recommend quarterly preventative carpenter ant inspections and treatment as necessary. CLICK HERE to see a complete information on carpenter ant control.

How can I get rid of ants on my own?

There are two main strategies for DIY ant control. Use ant baits and/or use ant repellents. But DIY pest control is not for everyone! OTC repellents may be highly toxic and usually just move the ants around -and make matters worse. Too, pesticides are toxic, and both professional grade as well as OTC ones, and must be carefully applied. If you want to solve your ant problem you must identify the species then locate and eliminate the colonies. That takes the right baits placed in the right locations at the right time of year.  Any possibly some strategically places repellants. Then, if successful, you need to identify and perform home improvement actions to prevent ant reinfestation. Sometimes ant DIY pest control methods become an ongoing battel of dangerous and expensive sprays, baits and lead to frustration.  It can actually end up costing you more than if you just called a professional ant control service. 

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