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Spider Control & Exterminator

Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

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Environmental Pest Control is a spider control & exterminator company that knows how to get rid of spiders in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Our highly trained technicians know how to keep spiders away with their experience, tools, and safe chemicals.

Types of Spiders

  1. Black Widow Spider - Black widow spiders are typically black with two reddish triangular markings usually joined to form a reddish hourglass shape on the underside of their abdomen – their most recognized feature. Females are occasionally brownish black. Most black widow spiders are 3 to 10 mm long, with females being larger than males.
  2. Cobweb Spider - There are a lot of different species of cobweb spiders with different markings. However, almost all cobweb spiders are brown or gray in color. Some markings may be red dots, white stripes, yellow dots, or orange stripes.
  3. Crab Spider - All crab spiders generally resemble crabs: Their legs extend outward from the sides, and they can walk in any direction.
  4. Jumping Spider - Jumping spiders are commonly mistaken for black widow spiders due to their compact black bodies with relatively short legs. However, jumping spiders can also be brown, tan or gray in color with pale white, gray, yellow, red, blue or green markings.
  5. Orb Weaver Spider - With six pointed spines poking out of their oval-shaped abdomen, spiny orb weaver spiders are often called crab spiders because their crustacean-looking shell.
  6. Yellow House Spider - Yellow sac spiders are a smaller species of spider. Adult bodies grow to be between 1/4 and 5/16 of an inch in length. These spiders are pale beige to yellow and often have a green tinge.The tips of their long, thin legs are dark brown, and their dark brown eyes are arranged in two rows of four.

How to Get Rid of Spiders?

The best way to get rid of spiders is to have a quarterly pest control plan on your property that will provide year round protection from all spiders (and other pests and rodents too!). Our expert spider exterminators use a combination of equipment and chemicals to keep spiders away from your home. We use de-web product on brushes to treat your home and keep cob webs away. We also will use a combination of granules and spider sprays around your home to form a barrier so these pests don't come into your home. Click to view our pest control plans that will protect your home against spiders and many other pests year round. The best programs are preventative. However if you have an existing infestation, our expert pest exterminators can solve it!

How Long do Spiders Live?

The biggest factors in a spider’s life span are the species and its gender. On average, different types of spiders can have life spans ranging from under a year to nearly twenty years. Males typically live much shorter lives than females because many die from mating or are eaten after mating with females.

Are Spiders Dangerous?

A famous spider expert Norman Platnick said “Wherever you sit as you read these lines, a spider is probably no more than a few yards away”. Regardless of whether this is fact or fiction the thought of lots of spiders in your house gives most people the creeps! Although most all spiders are venomous only 2 of the spider species found in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia are very dangerous; the brown recluse and black widow. However for most people they are unwelcome house guests. We can help you control them.
  • Free spider inspections
  • State certified technicians - exterminators
  • Traditional and organic prevention and extermination programs
  • One-time service or annual contract based on your needs
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Identification of dangerous spider species – brown recluse and black widow
  • Programs that are tolerant of beneficial spiders
  • Total house integrated pest management programs

Spider Control Services

Spider Control FAQ's

What areas do you service?

Please Click Here to see our entire MD, VA, and WV coverage areas.

Are spiders in the Mid-Atlantic dangerous?

The brown recluse and black widow are found in Maryland, Virginia, DC and West Virginia and are very dangerous. Black widow spiders have a large red hourglass-shaped marking visible on their abdomen. The brown recluse has a violin-shaped marking on top of its thorax.  These spiders deliver bites that require immediate medical treatment. If you suspect either of these two spiders are in your home call us immediately.

How can I prevent spider infestations?

Inspect for a and seal screens and cracks under doors, windows, siding and other openings.  Eliminate their food source by exterminating insects. Use caution when transporting boxes, plants, firewood, clothing and other items stored in garages, attics and basements to an inside location.  If you see spider egg sacs vacuum them up and take it outside promptly.

Does DIY spider control work? 

In some cases. Most sprays that may work on insects won’t work for spider control. Spiders hang out in elevated webs, not on surfaces where they could readily pick up sprayed pesticides. Sticky traps may work on small infestations if you use plenty of them and they are strategically placed.

When should I call a spider exterminator?

Not every homeowner wants to inspect all of dark corners in attics-basements-crawl spaces and under rooflines to take on a spider infestation.  Sometimes a handful of spiders around your house may explode to a much larger number. After all, spiders can lay up to 200 eggs in each egg sac. If you  suspect you have black widows or brown recluse spiders call us immediately.

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