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Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

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Environmental Pest Control is a local exterminator company that serves Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia with a full range of extermination services.  We provide general pest protection with our quarterly pest control plan, mosquito & tick protection with our mosquito plan, wildlife removal services, and attic insulation services.  Since 2006, our highly trained exterminators have been helping home owners with services that protect their homes and families.  We provide free estimates and free inspections for all your extermination needs so give us a call today! 

Pest Exterminator Services

Environmental Pest Control provides the best exterminator services for residents in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.   We provide free estimates and inspections for all extermination services.  Here is a list of some of our exterminator services:

Best Exterminator Companies Near Me?

Ever wonder what makes a great exterminator company?  A lot of what exterminator companies do is dictated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Agriculture; therefore, we are all held to the same high standards.  But the way a company decides to operate and serve their customers is a differentiator to the quality of their offering and service.  Below are requirements, similarities, and differentiators of exterminator companies that all customers should familiarize themselves with to help them choose the right exterminator company for their property. 

Exterminator Company Requirements

  • Required to have a business license from Department of Agriculture in the state they operate in.
  • Required to use chemicals that are EPA approved and follow labels for proper application.
  • Technicians, people actually performing the treatments with the chemicals, must have a pest applicators license through the Department of Agriculture.
  •  Technicians also are required to attend a minimum of 1 refresh training per year to keep their applicators license active.

Exterminator Company Similarities

  • Provide free estimates & free inspections.  Don’t deal with a company that does not provide this service.  
  • Focus on quarterly exterminator plans for year round protection
  • Provide free retreatments (aka 100% guarantee) for their quarterly exterminator plan.  Do not use a company that does not offer this.

Exterminator Company Differentiators

  • Pests/Rodents covered on their quarterly exterminator plans.  This is a big one.  More and more companies are scaling back what they are covering on their plans to lower their costs but also lowering the quality to the customer.  Some companies have even started removing rodents (mice, rats) from their quarterly exterminator plans and are selling that as a separate monthly program.  This significantly increases the cost to customers.  Environmental Pest Control provides coverage from 20 different pests and rodents year round.  No games, just great coverage.
  • Price point.  This one is obvious.  Make sure the price point matches the coverage you are getting.  A price that seems really low might be that way because it has minimal coverage which will force you to pay more as you get other pest/rodent issues on your property.
  • Ability to provide quick, responsive re-treatments.  All exterminator companies provide quarterly exterminator service, but how reliable are they when you call them to re-treat because you are seeing ants in the kitchen again?  This is where customer service really matters with an exterminator company.  A lot of companies out there can take weeks to come back out and retreat.  Environmental Pest Control is set up for excellent customer service and we can perform re-treatments within 48 hours!

Our Most Popular Pest Control Services

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