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Chimney Cap Installers - Replacement

Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

Inspection & Installation of Copper, Stainless or Galvanized Caps

Free Inspections

Looking for a chimney cap installer near you? Environmental Pest Control provides free chimney cap inspections in the Mid Atlantic area. We are a licensed and insured contractor.  Our company will check at no-charge your chimney, roof, and roofline to ensure that water, debris, birds, bats, squirrels, raccoons and other wildlife are kept out of your chimney.

The Importance of Chimney Caps

Chimney caps and covers are much more than decorative accents. They ensure that wildlife, rain, snow and debris are kept out of your chimney. They are also safety devices ensuring that sparks and embers do not exit your chimney flue and they also prevent “downdrafts” that may cause fumes and smoke to enter your house. We have seen our fair share of nesting and dead animals in chimneys and structural water damage to fireplace mortar and bricks – all preventable with regular chimney cap inspections and animal-proof caps.   

Our Chimney Cap Replacement and Installation Services

  • Copper, stainless, galvanized chimney caps installed
  • Round or square styles and an array of custom styles
  • Installer of single flue, multi flue and custom size fittings
  • Installed on masonry, tile or metal surfaces
  • Free chimney cap inspections
  • Removal of live - dead animals in chimney - raccoons, birds, bats, squirrels
  • Locally owned and operated - offices in Maryland & Virginia
  • Wildlife and pests in attic inspections – removal and attic seal ups
  • Fully licensed and insured

Chimney Cap Replacement and Installation FAQ's

What does a professional chimney cap installation cost?

It is $199-$399 in labor to install plus the cost of the cap itself. The cost for a chimney cap can vary between $100- $800 depending on size and material (copper being the most durable but most expensive). We will recommend the best option. See our price guide HERE

Do chimney caps require maintenance?

A properly installed cap made of stainless steel or copper will generally require no maintenance for at least 10 years, and may last for up to 50 years. We recommend stainless or copper for durability. Usually chimney cap repair is as costly as replacement and so it is rarely the best option.

Are chimney caps really necessary?

In our opinion they are an absolute necessity and one of cheapest forms of “insurance” you can buy. Insurance against water damage, fires and pest infestations.

What if I need a custom-made chimney cap?

Custom caps can be fabricated for any chimney. They can range from $500-$1,500 depending on size and material but often come with long lead times for production.

What happens if there are animals found in my chimney? How can they be legally removed?

We are licensed specialists in Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia at removing both live and dead animals from chimneys. The most common wildlife species to inhabit your chimney are squirrels, birds, bats and raccoons. Removal of this wildlife from chimneys must be done humanly and legally before installing any animal-proof chimney caps or guards.

What if I have bats in my chimney?

Removing bats in your chimney is difficult. Many times, we find chimney caps are OK but gaps where the chimney meets roof are allowing bats in. You cannot let them simply fly out at night and then install a chimney cap. Not all of them will leave at once at once. And babies will not leave on their own until late August.Then you need to install- at the right time- exclusion devices that let the bats fly out, but not back in.  Then a bat-proof chimney cap may be installed. No worries, we can handle your bat issues legally and effectively 

What are chimney swifts? How do I know if they are in my chimney?

Chimney swifts are swallow-like birds that have become experts at nesting in chimneys.  They start to enter chimneys in the springtime in VA, MD, WVA and DC. Being small, they can easily squeeze through damaged chimney caps. Their feces will smell in your chimney and they are loud chirpers. The Wildlife Center of Virginia reported that in 2021 the number of calls due to chimney swift issues is up substantially.  Chimney swifts are protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act and cannot be removed until the hatchlings have left. If you suspect chimney swifts -or other birds- are nesting in your chimney, call us for an inspection and legal removal plan.

What is your service area?

Please Click Here to see our entire MD, VA, and WV coverage areas.

How can I schedule a free chimney cap inspection and get a price quote?

Callus at (540) 441-7397 or schedule via our form. We respond quickly.

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