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Animals in Chimney - Prevention and Removal

How to Remove Squirrels, Bats, Raccoons & Birds and Cap Entry Points

In Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia the two most common critters to inhabit your chimney are squirrels and raccoons. And most of the time, wildlife in your chimney means it's a female with babies. If left unprotected, your chimney offers a safe den site. You can't just remove the adult animal, raccoon or squirrel. You must ensure removal of the babies, too. Other wildlife that may nest in your chimney are bats and birds. Regardless of the animal, chimney removal is a dangerous job best left to a licensed, professional wildlife removal company.

Signs of Wildlife Living in Your Chimney

Often the first sign is unpleasant or foul orders.

  • Seeing fur, feathers or droppings coming down your chimney or near the chimney top.
  • Seeing squirrels, raccoons on your roof.
  • Bad smells in your fireplace.
  • Hearing odd noises in the chimney: flappy, scratching, banging, scurrying.
  • Find out for sure with our free animal in chimney inspection, Click to Schedule Now.

How Do We Get Rid of Squirrels, Raccoons, Bats and Birds in Your Chimney?

  • Raccoon removal in chimney - Raccoon eradication from a chimney is a complex and dangerous wildlife control issue - NOT a DIY task. Raccoons are well adapted to urban, suburban and rural areas throughout Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. They are excellent climbers typically building nests in chimneys. Our solution usually requires professional trapping. But you MUST first determine if there are baby raccoons present. Raccoons give birth during the spring time and often baby raccoons will be present in our chimney inspections. In this case, trapping the mother is required. Then then baby raccoons may be hand removed. And finally, safely relocated. 
  • Squirrel removal in chimney – We will recommend the best combination of controls, deterrents and live squirrel trapping. Extermination or dead trapping is a last resort and rarely necessary. Our solution usually involves a one-way door will be set at the chimney exit hole. Once all animals exit your chimney our team will return, verify all squirrels are gone-including babies - remove the one-way door and protect reinfestation by installing a chimney cap.
  • Bat removal from chimney- It is ILLEGAL to kill bats so you must remove them - extermination is not an option. Bat colonies are protected species and you must not kill them. Definitely not a DIY issue if you want to do it right, safely and legally! Removing bats from a chimney requires installation of one-way doors made specifically for bats, called bat cone excluders, and/or a special netting that lets bats fly out, but not fly back in. But you MUST first determine if there are baby bats present, or you will create a huge problem.  
  • Bird nest removal from chimney- Any bird nests in a chimney – whether empty or occupied- is a health and fire safety hazard. Birds only build nest to raise young, usually in the springtime. Once the nest is unoccupied the nest may be removed. This is a very dangerous and time-consuming job involving climbing on the roof. Loose material at the bottom of the flue is removed. The nest is then broken up using specialized brushes or a nest removal tool. All while wearing protective equipment! Finally, a chimney cap is installed to prevent future issues. 

How Do We Prevent Reinfestation of Wildlife in Your Chimney? 

Once we have cleared your chimney of all animals, exclusionary steps must be performed.  You can hire us to do the work professionally. The best way to keep animals out of your chimney is by having a correctly installed, high quality chimney cap installed. We can recommend and install a chimney cap that will keep wildlife out of your chimney and fireplace.

  • Chimney Cap Installation – once animals are out of the chimney, we will install a chimney cap which has a price range of $600-$2000 which includes the price of the chimney cap.  Chimneys that require custom chimney caps come in at the upper end of the price range
  • Total Attic Seal-Up (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) – Once a chimney cap is installed, the animal’s habitual entry point is gone.  The animal may now look for any other way to gain entry. A such, it is strongly advised that a total attic seal-up is performed in conjunction with a chimney cap installation.  This ensures that the attic is sealed so that there are no open areas for wildlife to find its way back into your attic.  To gain entry into your attic, bats need 3/8”, squirrels need 2”, and raccoons need 3-4”.  Raccoons are high dexterous and can easily tear open flashing. Both are highly destructive and you could be looking at disinfecting & cleanup and insulation replacement services with prices that can exceed $10,000.  Total attic seal-up costs range from $1,300- $5,000 depending on the size of the roof/attic and the complexity involved in sealing it up.  Total Attic seal- ups come with a 1-year warranty.

What About Removal of Wildlife in Attics, Walls, Under Decks and in Vents?  

We are experienced, licensed and well equipped to handle every aspect of wildlife control and wildlife in the Mid Atlantic area. No wildlife removal job is too big or too small.

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