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Looking for a local termite inspection? We have licensed and certified termite inspectors and technicians that are ready to quickly handle all of your termite control needs!  Free inspections & estimates and emergency services are available for houses, condos, apartments and businesses in the Mid-Atlantic area. Click HERE to schedule

What is your Termite Inspection Process?
Termite damage and control costs homeowners about $5 billion dollars a year in the USA. And homeowner insurance rarely covers this enormous loss. This is why we offer our Deluxe Care Plan that bundles year round pest control protection with an annual termite warranty service for peace of mind.  Check out our pest plans HERE. Once scheduled, we ask that you be home during the termite inspection. We will need access to your house, garage and any other adjacent structures. Our technician will perform a complete interior and exterior check. Special attention is given to any areas where moisture may be present like sinks, crawlspaces, garages, basements, under decks, landscape timbers, any plumbing that penetrates your concrete foundation, and the attic. We will inspect all exterior walls and eaves of the house. The entire residential termite inspection process takes about an hour. We will then provide a report detailing our findings and any recommended termite control services.

What are the Signs of a Termite Infestation?
Termites are not easy for homeowners to spot. Often you will not even see a live termite until you have a serious infestation. Eastern Subterranean termites are prominent throughout DC, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia. They create mud tubes and we will inspect for them. Mud tubes are a SURE sign on an infestation. Wood damage is another major sign but may not be visually apparent. However, our inspectors will test for the tell-tale sound of hollow beams, wood structures and joists.  Other signs include unusual buckling paint, termite droppings called frass, “swarmer’s” in the springtime, and piles of discarded termite wings.  

How Much Does a Residential Termite Inspection Cost?
We will inspection your home for termites and issue a written report at no cost and without obligation. The exception is for Realtors Termite & Wood Destroying Inspect Reports

What Happens if you find Termites?
We offer professional and proven termite control and extermination treatment with full warranties.  We will provide a written quotation and statement of work. There are 2 treatment options for termites – liquid perimeter treatment and bait stations - and Environmental offers both. For active termite infestations we use Termidor® which is the highest quality liquid chemical treatment on the market. Termidor® cannot be directly purchased or applied by homeowners. Environmental is a licensed pest control company that has taken Termidor® Certification Training and is authorized to purchase and safely apply the treatment.  The life span of a Termidor® liquid termite treatment is 7-10 years.  Additionally, we have pest control programs that offer guaranteed protection against termites and include year-round protection from other insects and rodents. Read more about our termite control programs

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