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How Do You Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Professional Treatment Options- D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Environmental Pest Control is a professional bed beg control company serving the entire Mid Atlantic area.

·       Free Bed Bug Inspections -D.C., MD, VA, WVA

·       Licensed to use New Natural Biopesticides

·       Results Warrantied

·       Fast Bed Bug Extermination for Homes, Hotels, Senior Facilities

There are a three main options to effectively exterminate bed bugs; heat treatment, chemical application and the newest option a non-toxic biopesticide application developed at Penn State University. So, what is best way to eliminate a bed bug infestation in homes, hotels, senior living facilities and other bed bug hotspots?  Each control method has its proponents. As a professional bed bug control company, we recommend and use modern biopesticides.

Modern Bed Bug Treatment Solution - Non-Toxic Biopesticides, Recommended by Environmental Pest Control

We use a biopesticide developed and proven at Penn State University. It has revolutionized bed bug extermination, control and prevention. Environmental Pest is a licensed pest control operator for natural biopesticide applications. The product is EPA registered and can be applied in a single treatment. It provides up to three months of residual bed bug protection. Cost is about $800-$1,000 a room.

Why we like biopesticides:

·       All-Natural Bed Beg Treatment

·       Non-Toxic, EPA registered

·       A Single Application Needed to Kill ALL Bed Bugs and Nymphs

·       Quarterly Treatment Option to Protect Hotel Rooms and Homes Year Round

·       NO Odors, NO Toxic Chemicals, NO Heat Damage, NO Preparation Nightmares

See how it works:

Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs- Not Recommended or Offered by Environmental Pest Control

A professional exterminator will bring in specially designed equipment to raise the temperature in your entire house/facility. Most bed bugs and their eggs will die within 90 minutes at 118° or immediately at 122°F. However, if any survive (by moving away from the heat) the treatment won’t work. Temperature must be carefully monitored to avoid damage to your home and its contents. Many items must be removed to avoid damage. Homes in VA, MD and WVA are usually maintained at about 74 degrees. A sudden, and prolonged, increase to 122-135 degrees can do damage. The entire process must be very carefully monitored. However, some items that have reported heat damage are wax rings at the base of toilets, rubber weatherstripping, particle-board furniture glue, miniblinds, gaskets, shoe soles, photo albums, vinyl’s, plants, medications, Olefin carpeting. The heat method is one-time and takes about 6-8 hours. It usually requires the heating of the entire house, not just a single room.  It offers no residual effect. Typical whole house costs for bed bug heat treatment are about $2,000 per room.

Chemical Treatment for Bed Bugs- Not Recommended or Offered by Environmental Pest Control

Firstly, we strongly recommend against home owner or DIY insecticide treatment for bed bugs. Chemical application to safely eliminate bed bugs requires expertise and preparation.  Most states require a special license to apply the bed bug insecticides, for good reason.  Chemical treatment can be effective especially if your infestation is in the early stages, however in 2020 biopesticides are the better option. The big plus of chemical treatment is the residual effect. The big minus is that it does not kill eggs and requires multiple treatments.  And it does expose your home to chemicals. They are deemed safe for residential use but some people and pets may be sensitive. Another drawback is that bed bug populations are becoming resistant to commonly overused chemical insecticides.  A chemical treatment typically takes homeowner preparation, takes about 1-2 hours per room and takes multiple days of treatment. After treatment you must wait until all the insecticides have dried before reentering your home. Chemical bed bug control costs about $800 per room.

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