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Mice, Rat and Rodents in Garages - Prevention and Removal

How to Get Rid of Garage Rodents and Seal Up Entry Points

Your garage - whether attached or detached- is often an entry point for unwelcomed mice and rats.  They gain entry to your garage and can quickly spread to your home seeking shelter, warmth and food.  Rodent activity throughout Virginia, Maryland and West VA is especially high in the fall and winter months. Uneven garage doors, foundation cracks, and poor garage door seals allow a mouse easy access since they can slip through spaces as small as ¼” and rats need only ½”. Rodents will easily chew through thin garage window screens or cheap rubber weather-stripping.  Too, people often leave garage doors open for extended periods or store pet food - bird seed and nesting materials in their garages. 

Signs of Mouse – Rat Infestation in Your Garage

Often the first sign is unpleasant orders. Are you smelling a new, strong ammonia-like orders? The top signs:

  • Rodent droppings especially along walls and under garage appliances
  • Bad smells in garage
  • Chew marks along garage door seals
  • Noises - squeaks or scratching
  • Nesting material bits on garage floor - shredded paper, fiber, or cloth
  • Seeing live or dead rodents

How Do We Get Rid of Mice, Rat and Rodents in Your Garage?  

Mice are natures breeding machines with an ultra-short gestating period of only 19 to 21 days. A female mouse gives birth about 5 to 10 times, usually 6-8 pups at a time, and can give birth every 25 days. So, if you suspect a mouse or rat infestation in your garage, don’t wait. And proactive prevention is ALWAYS easier and less costly than extermination. 

  • Start with our free garage rodent inspection, Click to Schedule Now. This will identify for sure if you are dealing with mice or rats.
  • Install a combination of professional trapping and baiting stations throughout your garage and exterior areas. Monitor activity and replace baits and reset traps until all activity has ceased.

How Do We Prevent Reinfestation of Mice, Rat and Rodents in Your Garage?  

Once we have cleared your garage of rodents, exclusion and seal up must be performed.  You can hire us to do the work professionally. First, we inspect then we seal all garage entry points using stainless steel wool, copper gauze and professional sealants. If you have a defective, warped or weak garage door seal we can recommend a professional garage door contractor for replacement. And our best advice: sign up for one of our pest control plans that will protect your garage and entire home from most pests year-round.  Effective pest control is more than a one-time visit (reactive approach)! That is why each plan provides proactive protection for every season of the year against pests and rodents. Most importantly, each plan is backed by our 100% guarantee. 

How Much Does it Cost for an Exterminator to Remove Rodents from Your Garage?  

Professional mouse control and garage extermination costs vary in VA, MD and WVA.  It depends on the service type, the size of the infestation, and if there is a warranty provided. Average cost for a one-time mouse garage - house exterminator is about $150-$450.  Annual recurring General Pest Control Plans, which include mice and other pests are $320-720 per year.

Homeowner Tips for Preventing Mice, Rat and Rodents in Your Garage?  

As homeowner you can take steps to make you garage less welcoming for rodents. 

  • Never store open or accessible food in your garage. No bird seed, no grass seed, no pet food, no human food.
  • No unprotected garbage or trash even in your cars.
  • Eliminate easy nesting materials; boxes, newspapers, straw, rags, wood piles, clutter, mulch bags.
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