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Mosquitoes in Bethesda

When you think of annoying pests, mosquitoes likely top the list. Mosquitoes buzz loudly and cause itchy bites that can get infected and even lead to disease.

Mosquitoes tend to come out once the weather gets warmer. This means they can easily ruin your summer fun. Barbecues and pool parties can turn into frustration once people are bitten.

Maryland residents have to worry about one particular species: the Asian Tiger Mosquito. They are an invasive pest that has increased significantly in populations in the past few years. They can fly only about 200 yards, but this is still enough to harass you and cause you to suffer from itchy bites.

Here’s how to identify Asian Tiger Mosquitoes:

  • They are aggressive and may follow you to your car or home.
  • They are often out during the day (instead of just from dawn to dusk, like other types of mosquitoes).
  • They are dark black in color with a white stripe down their back.

If you have Asian Tiger Mosquitoes in your yard, you can eliminate them by getting rid of their breeding grounds. Instead of swamps and marshes, they prefer breeding in small, man-made containers. You will need to look carefully around your yard for anything that retains just the smallest bit of water.

Asian Tiger Mosquitoes tend to remain at ground level. They like to hide under decks, basement stairwells and crawl spaces in Bethesda homes. They prefer stagnant water that contains sediment and organic matter. Children’s toys are a common culprit. These mosquitoes will breed in even the smallest indentations where water can pool. Portable basketball stands can accumulate water, as can buckets, pails, trash cans, storage containers, and even tarps. Flower pots, tables, chairs, wheelbarrows, and tires are also common breeding grounds for these mosquitoes.

Dangers of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are not only annoying; they also cause major health dangers to Bethesda residents. Mosquito bites can cause itching, swelling, and infection, especially to those who are allergic. Mosquitoes are vectors for several deadly diseases. They can transmit diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, Zika virus, West Nile virus, and yellow fever. These diseases can lead to severe illness and complications. Joint pain and brain damage can occur, as can flu-like symptoms, organ failure, and birth defects in pregnant women. Many people even die from these diseases. In fact, mosquitoes are known to be the deadliest animal.

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