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Pest Control Services for Restaurants

Professional Pest Exterminators – D.C., Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia

Serving quality food in your restaurant is your business. Don’t risk your reputation or bad online reviews. Our extermination business is to eliminate and prevent unwanted guests in the form of mice, rats, ants, fly’s, roaches and other pests. Prevention is much easier and less costly than extermination. And we will spot, and correct, problems in your restaurant before the health inspector! Our free audit will allow us to prepare a detailed integrated pest management plan to protect your food serve business.

  • Discreet before hours services
  • Local offices serving the Mid-Atlantic area
  • Regular pest inspections with ongoing monitoring
  • Drain disinfection for flies and roaches
  • Safe rodent stations for rat and mice control
  • Emergency service and follow-ups
  • Schedule Free Audit
  • Serving restaurants in these Areas

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