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Signs of Mice in The Attic

One of the most common issues in the fall and winter pests, mice infestations in your home - particularly mice in the attic. Mice can access your home through any opening the size of a dime. Cracks in your foundation, holes where electrical and HVAC lines enter the home, worn out door sweeps, and cracked windows and doors are all common ways mice can enter your home. This article will help you learn the basics on mice in your attic space and what to do.

How do Mice Get Into The Attic?

Mice most commonly enter your home on the ground level through any crack or hole in the exterior of your home. This is why sealing up the exterior of your home is the most important step in keeping mice out of your home. Once mice enter the home, they are typically in the floor voids between your floors and or the wall voids. When homes are built, these floor and wall voids will almost always have gaps. These gaps allow mice to run throughout the structure of your home unchecked. Once in the voids of your home, mice will eventually find your attic because your attic provides a safe place that is undisturbed and provides warmth from your insulation.

What Are Signs of Mice in The Attic?

  1. Droppings - mice droppings look like dark rice pieces with pointed ends.
  2. Gnaw marks - mice gnaw on exit and entry points.
  3. Nesting materials - mice will use paper, cloth, and similar materials for nests.
  4. Strange noises - mice make scurrying sounds or scratching noises, particularly at dusk and dawn.
  5. Foul odor - a strong, unpleasant smell can be an indication of mice living in the attic. The infestation would need to be large, and a long term issue, for the smell to become problematic.
  6. Visual sightings - the most common visual sign are tunnels in the insulation. Look for 1” to 2” tunnels in your insulation.

What to do if You Suspect Mice in Your Attic

Finding mice in your attic does not have to be a traumatic experience. Again mice in your attic is one of the most common places they will go in your home so don’t be alarmed. This simply tells you that you need your home properly sealed up and to have rodent control implemented around your home. The expert mice & rodent control professionals at Environmental Pest Control know how to seal up your home from mice. Additionally, we offer our Standard Care Plan (quarterly preventative pest plan) which will provide year round protection against mice (and 20+ other pests and rodents) so they never make it into your attic in the first place! Call us today to schedule a free inspection and we will provide you with a no strings attached recommendation to keep your home mice free.

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