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Wasp & Yellow Jacket Nest Removal Company

Professional Extermination -D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Warning to homeowners: Half of all emergency room visits in the USA last year were from stinging insect attacks. These insects are aggressive and come in numbers. Be careful! Don’t hit the nest with a bat, don’t spray it with water, don’t try to burn it. Some wasp nests can reach the size of basketballs and by mid-summer contain thousands of insects. And they will come at you fast stinging multiple times. We offer professional and safe wasp, hornet and yellow jack nest removal services and always free inspections.

The National Pest Management Association offers the following tips when dealing with wasps and stinging insects:

·       If one lands on your skin, resist the urge to swat and instead gently blow on it.
·       If stung, remove the stinger, clean the area with soap and cold water and apply ice. Benadryl and hydrocortisone ointment may also help calm the reaction.
·       Should you experience symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as tongue and throat swelling, wheezing, dizziness, shortness of breath or drop in blood pressure, call 911.
·       If allergic to stinging insects, learn how to use an epinephrine kit and carry it with you at all times.
·       If you suspect an infestation or notice a hive or nest on your property, contact a licensed pest professional to safely remove the threat.

About Us - Wasp Nest Removal Services:

·       Nests removed from difficult areas: in walls, attics, roofs, eaves, tree hollows, under decks
·       In-ground and wall void yellow jacket nest eradication
·       Paper wasp nest removal
·       Large bald-faced hornet hives removed fast
·       European giant hornets safely exterminated
·       Quarterly prevention programs
·       Always free inspections
·       Offices in Virginia and Maryland - locally owned
·       Residential Pest Control Plans - 100% guaranteed

Wasp Nest Removal FAQ's

1) Why do wasp nests become such a big issue in the fall?

If the nests have made it through the entire summer, they are most likely quite large, and could become very hazardous to you and your family.  Their food source also changes with the autumn weather. Plants food sources are less available and they will begin to feed on sugar (trash cans, barbeques etc.…) bringing them into more contact with humans. As the weather gets cooler the wasps may start to enter your home seeking warmth as well. If you see wasps entering your home this is a strong indication that you have a nest somewhere near your home.

2) How does Environmental remove a wasp nest?

We will treat the nest with a dust or professional grade aerosol. We will also remove the nest. All of our treatments come with a 30-day warranty so if the queen was out during our treatment and decides to rebuild – we will return free of charge.

3) What chemicals does Environmental use on wasp nests?

We use a combination of approved aerosols and dusts depending on the location.  

4) What is the cost range for wasp nest removal?

$300+ but if you sign up for recurring pest control and the nests are lower than 20 feet they are covered at no additional fee.

5) What is your service area?

Virginia, Maryland and part of West Virginia. Click here for our complete service area by city.

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