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Why Do I Have Lanternflies All of a Sudden

What are Spotted Lanternflies?

Lanternflies are originally from Asia and have now invaded the United States in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions. While these bugs are quite beautiful, they are highly invasive and are spreading quickly in the United States because the ecosystem has not had time to adapt (not enough predators).

Can I Prevent Spotted Lanternflies On My Property

Spotted lanternflies are highly invasive and you cannot keep them from coming onto your property. The only thing you can do is kill them once they are on your property.

Spotted Lanternfly Impact on Plants and Agriculture

Spotted lanternflies can be highly destructive to plants such as trees and vines. When a lanternfly eats, it releases a sugary substance called honeydew that promotes the growth of black sooty mold. This can be highly destructive to vegetation.

Signs of a Lanternfly Infestation

It is easy to notice a lanternfly infestation on your home. You will see a lot of them congregating on and around the exterior of your home. Luckily, they are on the larger size so they likely will not get into your home unless you leave the doors or windows open. Most commonly, spotted lanternflies will gather on warm areas of the home, typically following where the sun hits your house throughout the day.

Lanternfly Prevention and Control Tips

  • Lanternfly prevention is not realistic. If they want onto your property they will come and you cannot stop them.
  • Once they are on your property, feel free to kill them the old school way, with a fly swatter in hand! But for large swarms that is quite pointless.
  • If you have a large Lanternfly infestation, contact a local pest control company that can provide a power spray treatment, using a state approved insecticide, to kill the whole lot! Environmental Pest Control provides lanternfly treatments and also has Pest Control Plans that protect against these invasive pests.

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