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Carpenter Ant Control & Exterminator in

Rockville MD

Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

Carpenter Ant Removal Services in
Rockville MD
Environmental Pest Control is a carpenter ant control and carpenter ant exterminator company in
Rockville MD
. No matter the severity of your carpenter ant infestation, you have come to the right place. Environmental Pest Control is a professional carpenter ant exterminator that has the experience to exterminate carpenter ants from your home. Carpenter ant infestations bore holes in the wood of your home so call us ASAP to get your problem resolved!
How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants in
Rockville MD
Getting rid of carpenter ants in the house is performed by our highly trained pest technicians using their experience and pest control products. The best way to get rid of ants uses a combination of dusting and liquid treatments to quickly kill this nuisance pest before they can cause more damage to your property. 
How to Prevent Carpenter Ants in Your
Rockville MD
Carpenter Ants get their name from the way they build nests.  They bore tunnels in the wood of your home.  Here are some steps to prevent carpenter ants from coming into your
Rockville MD
  1. Know Where to Look.  Ants love moisture.  The most common place ant infestations occur are in the kitchen.  Other common areas are basements, inside walls, and bathrooms.
  2. Eliminate Moisture.  Removing standing water around your home will help eliminate the perfect environment for ants.  Make sure your gutters and downspouts all work well and that there are no clogs.  Make sure all water flows away from your foundation.  If you have high moisture or high humidity in your basement, crawl space or attic, consider installing a dehumidifier in the summer time to remove moisture.
  3. Eliminate Food Sources.  Keep your kitchen (remember this is the most common place ants invade) and pantry clean by making sure food is put away and the floor is vacuumed to remove food crumbs.  Make sure food is stored in air tight containers. 
  4. Seal Access Points.  Inspect your home for cracks and gaps, particularly around windows and doors.  Old and deteriorating caulk should be removed and re-caulked.  Make sure thresholds on exterior doors are in good working order.  Trim back bushes, trees, and shrubs so they are not touching your home.
  5. Hire a Professional.  If you are still having an ant problem after these DIY recommendations, it is time to hire a professional ant exterminator.  Professional exterminator’s have access to highly effective ant removal products that home owners do not and can quickly get bad ant infestations in your home under control.  Creating a barrier with a preventative quarterly pest control program is always the best way to protect your home from carpenter ants before they ever invade your home.
Signs of a Carpenter Ant Infestation in
Rockville MD
When a carpenter ant infestation is severe, it is common to find wood shavings below the wood where carpenter ants are tunneling.  There will be smooth looking holes on the outside of the wood.  Carpenter ants are usually red or black in color.  Many people think that carpenter ants eat wood but they only tunnel in the wood to make nests for their colonies.  If you see any of these signs it is best to contact a professional exterminator right away! 

Carpenter Ant FAQ's

What areas do you service?

Please Click Here to see our entire MD, VA, and WV coverage areas.

How can I tell if I have carpenter ants in my house?

Look for the telltale signs. Large black ants foraging for food in or around your house, large winged ants called “swarmers” indicating a well-established colony, wood shavings or sawdust like residue in house, faint rustling sounds in walls. Carpenter ants may nest inside or outside your home.  Finding some in your home does not necessarily mean that you have an active infestation. However, if you see them in the springtime it is wise to schedule an inspection ASAP.

Do carpenter ant eat wood?

Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t eat wood but they bore it out as nesting sites. However both insects are highly destructive! They love honeydew produced by aphids so sometimes eliminating aphids from plants close to your home is advised.

How can I prevent carpenter ants?

Identify and reduce high moisture areas in or around your house. Damp wood is a prime attractant; remove any rotting wood including wooden door frames, landscape timbers, wood piles and fascia boards. Look for moisture around sinks, dishwashers etc. Make sure gutters are cleaned, remove over hanging tree limbs and shrubs that touch your house, inspect shrubs for Aphids. Seal foundation cracks. Have a professional inspection since prevention is easier than extermination.

How do you get rid of - exterminate carpenter ants?

Find the nest locations – both parent colonies and satellite colonies. They should be identified by performing a thorough inspection. In some cases not all nests may be located. Each program is individually tailored based on the inspection. Then a combination of baiting and void/outdoor spraying may be employed using professional grade, proven materials. Once eliminated, we recommend quarterly preventative inspections and treatment as necessary. These are protective applications around the exterior of your home that help keep carpenter ants from coming back. These applications are safe for children, pets and plants.

Can I get rid of carpenter ants on my own?

Many pest control pros believe carpenters are the most difficult pest of all. Armed with decades of experience and professional formulations they can still take many hours and treatments to completely exterminate. We are often called in after homeowners have sprayed random pesticides killing the seen ants but scattering the satellite nests. Not everyone is willing to spend hours in attics and crawl spaces outfitted in rubber gloves, respirators and protective coveralls. In this case give us a call and leave the details to us.

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