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Carpenter Bee Control & Exterminator


Rockville MD

Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

Carpenter Bee Removal Services in
Rockville MD
Environmental Pest Control is a
Rockville MD
operated carpenter bee removal company.  Our highly trained carpenter bee technicians are state certified and can quickly and professionally solve any carpenter bee infestation.  We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and are able to deliver fast turnaround times on both initial services and ongoing treatments with same day or next day service.  Call us today to get a free estimate for your carpenter bee infestation!
Signs of Carpenter Bee Infestations & Damage in
Rockville MD
The most common signs of a carpenter bee infestation are the round, smooth holes that carpenter bees bore into wood, hence the Carpenter Bee nickname “wood bees.” To identify if you have a carpenter bee infestation, inspect the exterior of your property in the springtime.  Look for carpenter bees flying or hovering in any particular area.  Then look close in that area for their tell-tale holes they bore in the wood.  Common places to look would be on wood decking, wood fences, wooden playsets.  Be aware that the hole you see from carpenter bees is just the surface damage.  If left untreated, carpenter bees will then continue to bore tunnels throughout the wood they have entered. 
Carpenter Bee Prevention Tips in
Rockville MD
Since carpenter bees prefer bare wood, painting and staining wood can sometimes help deter them. However, they will occasionally attack stained or painted wood. To avoid carpenter bees and prevent them from entering the home, seal cracks and crevices along the property’s foundation and walls with a silicone-based caulk, repair any tears in screens, and always keep doors closed.
How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees in
Rockville MD
Getting rid of carpenter Bees is best performed by a professional carpenter bee exterminator.  Since carpenter bees can destroy wood if they are left to tunnel in the wood, it is very important to get the area treated right away to limit the damage.  A dust treatment is applied to the infestation site which will exterminate the carpenter bees and stop any further damage.  As always, the best way to protect your home is to have a quarterly pest control program.  Our quarterly program includes protection against carpenter bees, which is important because carpenter bees come back every spring.
What Do Carpenter Bees Look Like?
Carpenter bees have shiny, black abdomens, may have a yellow, white, brown, or black thorax, and are 1/2 inch to 1 inch in length.  These bees are robust, resembling bumblebees, with the abdomen's top surface mostly bare and shiny. Carpenter bees are primarily black, but some species may be green or purplish. The male has a yellow face with a white dot on their heads. The female's face is black.

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