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Hotel Bed Bug Treatment

Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

Environmental Pest Control provides hotel bed bug removal services. We offer one time services or our recommended, industry-changing, Hotel Bed Bug Plan.
Bed bugs can ruin a hotels reputation and business due to the costs to remediate from hotel room(s), the costs to refund unhappy customers their hotel stay, the costs to reimburse customers to get their clothes and property treated, the costs of law suits, and the lingering impact on poor reputation in the marketplace. Until now, the pest control industry’s solution to hotel bed bug problems is a reactive solution of providing a cost per infected room. This only helps a hotel operator know what they will pay when they get an infestation and does nothing to stop the issue from occurring in the first place. Enter Environmental Pest Control’s Hotel Bed Bug Plan. Our proactive solution offers hotels and motels the first and only effective method to protect against bed bugs and the associated law suits, loss of reputation and remediation costs associated with bed bug infestations.
Our Hotel Bed Bug Plan includes:
  1. Quarterly preventative treatments at ~80% cost savings over reactive “old school” chemical treatments. Much bigger savings when compared to heat treatment methods!
  2. Monthly payment plan that spreads out costs and provides clarity for hotel operators
  3. 100% guarantee that provides hotel operators with predictable costs. No more guessing what the cost will be for bed bug treatments – if any issues occur on covered rooms, we retreat for FREE!
Stop worrying about when bed bugs will infect your hotel next and call Environmental Pest Control today or click below for a free estimate.

Hotel Bedbug Control FAQ's

What areas do you service?

Please Click Here to see our entire VA, MD, PA and WV coverage areas.

How long until my hotel room can be used again?

4 hours. Do not reenter the treated room for 4 hours after service.

How long do treatments last?

The treatments remain effective for up to three months, so unlike chemical insecticides, only one application is required to treat an infestation.

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