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Spotted Lanternfly Control in

Rockville MD

Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

Lanternfly Removal Services in
Rockville MD
The spotted lanternfly, or lanternfly for short, is from China and Vietnam and is now a newly invasive species in 
Rockville MD
. Lanternflies are now found in the eastern United States and will likely continue to spread as time goes on.  Lanternflies are not dangerous but are highly invasive and can destroy crops and trees! Fortunately, Environmental Pest Control is a professional Lanternfly removal company that offers year round Pest Control Plans that include the extermination of Lanternflies! 
How to Get Rid of Lanternflies in
Rockville MD
Our state certified exterminators will come to your home or office and treat all the windows and doors with an environmentally safe and EPA approved Lanternfly control product. Foggers will be used in any unoccupied crawl spaces and attics as well.  Environmental stands behind our services and that is why our pest control plans are backed by our 100% guarantee – we come back for free until the problem is solved!
Why Are Lanternflies Bad in
Rockville MD
The spotted lantern fly causes serious damage to trees, vines, crops and many other types of plants.  Damage can be detected by oozing sap, wilting leafs, and general die back of the plant in question.  Also, when lanternflies feed, they excrete a sugary substance, called honeydew, that encourages the growth of black sooty mold on the plant.  Environmental Pest Control can provide treatments that can protect against spotted lanternflies.  If you are noticing lanternflies on your property, give Environmental a call today for a free estimate!
What Do I Do If I See a Spotted Lanternfly in
Rockville MD
If you see a spotted lanternfly, kill it.  Additionally, check with your state’s agricultural department as they may want to document it.  Lastly, if you are dealing with a large amount of lanternflies, call Environmental Pest Control ASAP so we can effectively treat your property.
Are Lanternflies in
Rockville MD
Dangerous to Humans or Pets?
Lanternflies are not dangerous to humans or pets because they don’t bite, sting, or have any venom.  It is even safe to touch and hold lanternflies.  They are only very harmful to crops, trees, and plants.

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