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Silverfish Control in

Leesburg VA

Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia

Silverfish Removal Services in
Leesburg VA
Environmental Pest Control is a Silverfish removal company in
Leesburg VA
. Silverfish come out when the weather turns warm because they like humidity.  In addition, silverfish can breed rapidly, so be sure to get protection from these silverfish bugs before summer!  Silverfish infestations are best controlled, by a quarterly pest control plan, before they begin so call us today to ensure you are prepared this year!
How to Get Rid of Silverfish in
Leesburg VA
Getting rid of Silverfish in the house is performed by our highly trained pest technicians using their experience and pest control products. The best way to get rid of Silverfish uses a combination of silverfish baits, Silverfish sprays, granules, and seal up services.  We are quickly able to get rid of your Silverfish infestation! Creating a barrier with a quarterly pest control program is always the best way to protect your home from Silverfish.
What is a Silverfish Bug?
Silverfish get their name from the color of their scales which are silver or metallic brown.  Silverfish are also called bristletails because they have bristles at the end of their body. Silverfish are attracted to humidity and moisture so they are commonly found in basements, attics, and bathrooms in homes in
Leesburg VA
Are Silverfish in
Leesburg VA
While rare, silverfish can cause allergic reactions to some people.  The allergen associated to silverfish allergies is called tropomyosin. It can be found in foods such as shrimps and shellfish.  Nose inflammation, also known as rhinitis, happens to those who have hypersensitivity to the insect. Children who have other kinds of respiratory allergies are extremely prone to silverfish allergies as well.  The way to avoid these symptoms is to prevent silverfish in the first place. 
Do Silverfish Bite?
A common misconception is that silverfish are poisonous and bite.  The Truth is that silverfish are not known to bite, are not poisonous, and do not carry diseases.  In fact they are afraid of humans, and if they are startled, will run for cover immediately.

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