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Stink Bug Control

Burke VA

Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

Stink Bug Control Services in

Burke VA

Stink bugs are now found in 38 states across the United States.  As such, any one living in Maryland, Virginia, or West Virginia knows that stink bugs are a nuisance! And stink bugs are very difficult to eliminate. Fortunately,Environmental Pest Control is a professional stink bug removal company that offers year round Pest Control Plans that include the extermination of stink bugs!
How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs in
Burke VA
Our state certified exterminators will come to your home or office and treat all the windows and doors with an environmentally safe and EPA approved stink bug control product. Foggers will be used in any unoccupied crawl spaces and attics as well.  Environmental stands behind our services and that is why our pest control plans are backed by our 100% guarantee – we come back for free until the problem is solved!
Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs in
Burke VA
A particular species of stink bugs called brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) are more than just annoying, they cause significant damage to crops in the Mid-Atlantic every season. BMSB was accidentally imported from Asia to North America in the late 1990s. With few natural predators and an abundance of food sources, the invasive insect spread quickly.  Since 2010, these pests cause catastrophic damage in most Mid-Atlantic states, with some growers of sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes, apples, and peaches reporting total losses that year. Environmental Pest Control can provide treatments that can protect against BMSB.  If your property grows fruit and vegetable plants and trees, give Environmental a call today to schedule a free consultation!
Do Stink Bugs Bite?
Stink bugs don’t bite, they do not harm people or pets, and they do not spread disease. However, some people are allergic to the compounds released by stink bugs. Symptoms of this allergy can include a runny nose and, if you come in contact with crushed bugs, dermatitis (aka eczema). You may be at risk for crushing bugs if you work in agriculture or accidentally handle produce with bugs on it.
What Do Stink Bugs Eat In
Burke VA
Stink bugs eat leaves, flowers, fruit and crops like soybeans. They also eat other insects, such as caterpillars.

Stink Bug Control FAQ's

What areas do you service?

Please Click Here to see our entire MD, VA, and WV coverage areas.

How do I stop stink bugs from getting in my house?

Make sure window screens, doors weather stripping and vents are secure. Inspect outdoor caulking around pipes and utility wires, cracks in windows and doorframes and repair and seal if needed. Remove window air conditioners in the fall, a favorite entry point for stink bugs. Trim shrubbery off your house. Stink bugs usually enter homes and buildings in the fall looking for warmth.

Can stink bugs come down my chimney?

Yes. Stink bugs have discovered that chimneys offer an easy egress for escaping the cold winter and moving in with you! Heat escaping from a chimney can attract stink bugs on a cold fall night. A gas chimney may use fine mesh over the opening to keep stink bugs out. A wood fireplace needs a chimney cap damper installed. Also seal up any cracks around the outside chimney. Keep the damper shut when not in use.

Can I vacuum up stink bugs myself?

You may try removing a small number either by hand or by using a handheld vacuum with a bag.  Warning: stink bug smell is strong may damage your vacuum! Quickly dispose of the vacuum bag outside when you're done sucking up the stink bugs. Don't leave them in your vacuum cleaner. 

Are stink bugs dangerous?

Large numbers flying and crawling around your house can be unsettling.  However, they are more of a nuisance to homeowners and do not cause any structural or cosmetic damage. Sting bugs do not sting or bite. Their defense is their characteristic "stink" released when threatened – an extremely offensive odor that can linger! Some people may have allergic reactions to allergens given off by stink bugs. They are a significant agricultural pest very damaging to tomatoes and apple and pear trees in the Mid-Atlantic. In fact, brown marmorated stink bugs are most prevalent in the Mid-Atlanta region.

How does your company get rid of stink bugs? 

Need help with your stink bug infestation? Start with our free interior and exterior inspection. That will identify entry points that we will seal up.  Professional chemicals will also be applied around possible stink bug external entry points. We also use specialized vacuums to eliminate them. Stink bug pesticide extermination is challenging even for pros since they are resistant to many common chemicals. A waxy protective coating makes it hard for many insecticides to penetrate. However, we employ proven professional grade chemicals approved for stink bugs for the most severe infestations.

How much does it cost to exterminate sting bugs from my home?

After eradication, you must seal entry points and that cost will vary based on our free detailed inspection report. We recommend our Standard Care Plan, which protects against stink bugs and many more pests and rodents, which costs $105-$175 per quarterly treatment depending on the size of your property.

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