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Yellow Jacket Control & Exterminator


Rockville MD

Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

Yellow Jacket Removal Services in
Rockville MD
Environmental Pest Control is a
Rockville MD
operated yellow jacket removal company.  Our highly trained technicians are state certified and can quickly and professionally solve any yellow jacket infestation.  We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and are able to deliver fast turnaround times on both initial services and ongoing treatments with same day or next day service.  Call us today to get a free estimate for your yellow jacket infestation!
Signs of a Yellow Jacket Infestation in
Rockville MD
The most common signs of a Yellow Jacket infestation are that you see these wasps flying around.  If they are flying around your property means they likely have a nest nearby.  Yellow jackets form nests in 2 common ways:  below the ground (aka ground nest) and above ground via a paper nest.  Ground nests cannot be seen but these nests can be extremely dangerous because they can become extremely large and hold hundreds of yellow jackets.  You can identify a ground nest by a high amount of yellow jackets entering and existing the entrance in the ground.  Ground nests are usually around roots to a plant as it provides easy access for the yellow jackets. Yellow jacket nests above ground are commonly referred to as paper nests.  These nests are commonly built in trees, soffits on homes – particularly where your roofline peaks or has corners.
How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets in The Ground in
Rockville MD
Getting rid of Yellow Jacket ground nests is best performed by a professional Yellow Jacket exterminator. Yellow jacket ground colonies can be very large so use extreme caution as there can be hundreds of yellow jackets below the surface.   Since yellow jackets in the ground can become large, it is very important to get the area treated right away to limit the danger to you and your family.  A dust treatment is applied to the entry point of the ground nest which will exterminate the Yellow Jackets and stop any further activity in that area.  As always, the best way to protect your home is to have a quarterly pest control program.  Our quarterly program includes protection against ground nests year round.
How to Get Rid of Yellow Jacket Nests on House in
Rockville MD
Getting rid of Yellow Jackets on your house is best performed by a professional Yellow Jacket exterminator. When yellow jackets build nests on your home it is usually up high under your soffits, particularly where the roof peaks.  These nests are typically 20’-40’ in height.  Removal is quite simple and can be done by homeowners assuming the height is accessible.  First, spray the nest with a wasp removal treatment available at local home supply stores.  Then scrap the nest off with a scrapping tool that attaches to the end of a telescoping pole, like a painter’s pole.  If you cannot access the nest then call Environmental Pest Control.  We can access nests up to 50’ with our bee poles and large ladders.    As always, the best way to protect your home is to have a quarterly pest control program.  We include yellow jacket nest removal up to 30’ on your home.
What Do Yellow Jackets Look Like?
The yellow jacket is a bee-sized, black insect with distinct yellow markings on the head and yellow bands around the abdomen. The face is mostly yellow with dark eyes. Yellow jackets have large antennae and fold their wings lengthwise when not in motion.  Adults are approximately 5/8of an inch in length. 

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