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How Much Does Pest Control Cost in  MD, VA, WV?

Local Price Ranges for a Professional Exterminator

What is a fair price to hire a professional? Pest Control costs vary depending on the market, the service, the size of the treatment area, and if there is a warranty provided.  Not all local exterminators and pest companies in the MD, VA and WV areas provide all services.  It is important to speak with a local exterminator that provides the services you need.  Environmental Pest Control is a full-service, licensed pest control company that can solve all of your pest control issues with transparent prices.  

Sometimes pest control issues are easy to identify and can be quoted with an over-the-phone estimate.  This is especially true of customers looking to put a pest control plan in place proactively, before issues begin.  This is the best and most cost-effective way to protect your home or business.  For complicated issues, make sure the pest control company you choose provides free inspections.  You want them to come to your home to provide an inspection.   Then a firm, accurate price proposal will be provided.  Issues such as job height (dictates 1-person vs. 2-person job), multiple issues in multiple locations, or unknown or unseen issues are all reasons for needing an onsite professional inspection.

Question Service Pricing Pests Warranty Notes
How much does one-time professional pest treatment cost? One-Time General Pest Control $150-$450 Ants, bee’s nests, mice, rats, spiders, stink bugs, fleas 0-30 days  
How much does a professional pest control plan cost? Recurring General Pest Control Plan $100-$300 per quarter Coverage varies depending on the company  360 days Does not include initial fee
How much does an ORGANIC pest control plan cost? Recurring General Organic Pest Control Plan $80-$180 per month Coverage varies depending on the company  360 days Does not include initial fee. Organic pest control needs monthly treatment
How much does bed bug removal-extermination cost? Bed Bug $500-$5,000 Bed Bugs0-90 daysThere are 3 types of bed bug treatments:  chemical, fungicidal, heat.  Chemical and Fungicidal will be on the lower end of the pricing range while heat treatments are on the upper end of the range
How much does it cost to remove bats in attic? Bat Removal from Attic or Behind Shutters $600-$2,000 Bats0-360 daysRemoval of bats using bat cone (or similar) and then sealing up entry points
How much is bird removal? Birds $150-$5,000 Birds0-90 daysJobs include bird in vents all the way up to bird exclusion from areas of the home
How much does home pest inspection cost? Home Inspection $0-$150 AnyN/AMost companies offer free pest inspections (we do)
How much does insulation replacement -topping cost? Insulation $1,200-$15,000 N/A0Pricing depends greatly if insulation must be removed and replaced or simply “topped off”
How much does it cost to remove moles-voles from my yard? Mole & Vole $400-$1,500 Moles & Voles0-360 daysDepends on treatment method (baiting, repellants, fumigation) & one-time treatment or recurring treatment 
How much is mosquito/tick fogging & treatment? Mosquito & Tick $75-$200 Mosquito & Tick0-30 daysMost companies do not provide warranty with mosquito & tick treatments (we do)
How much does it cost to remove squirrels from an attic? Squirrel Removal From Attic $600-$2,000 Squirrels0-360 daysRemoval of squirrel from attic using 1-way door (or similar) and then sealing up entry points
How much are termite warranties? Termite Warranty $100-$300 Termites360 daysIncludes the inspection of a property and then subsequent 1 year warranty
How much is a home termite treatment? Termite Treatment $400-$5,000 Termites360 days Includes either liquid treatments (with or without drilling as needed) or bait station programs.  Does not include fumigation.
How much does wildlife removal - trapping cost? Wildlife Removal $150-$20,000 Birds, Bats, Ground Hogs,Snakes,  Squirrels0-360 daysWide range based on treatment such as trapping, attic removal, insulation.  There are many variables and you will always want an in-person inspection to be performed for wildlife removal jobs.
How much does raccoon removal - trapping cost? Raccoon Removal from Attic, Chimney or Yard $600-$2,000 Raccoons 0-360 days Removal of raccoons using trapping then sealing up entry points

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