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Common Winter Pests in Maryland

Common Wintertime Pests in Maryland

Once the weather turns cold, homeowners in Maryland don’t have to worry about ants, bees, flies, mosquitoes, or termites anymore. Unfortunately, there are some pests that thrive in the wintertime, especially when they set up residence in your home! It is important to be aware of these common wintertime pests in Maryland.

Maryland Rodents in The Winter

Once the weather starts to turn cold at night, mice, rats, and squirrels will start to seek shelter for the coming cold winter temperatures. Your home, with its cozy temperatures from your heating, is the perfect environment for rodents to wait out winter. Discuss how mice, rats, and squirrels seek shelter in homes during winter. Rodents will either invade your attic or basement in the wintertime.

Wintertime Rodents in The Attic in Maryland

Roof rats and squirrels both enter the home through the roof and will hang out in your attic. It is important that home owners have their roof, and roof line, inspected every fall to make sure the home is properly sealed. Here is a list of winter time rodent prevention tips for roof rats and squirrels:

  • Vent pipes should be screened
  • Attic fans should be screened
  • Ridge vents should be inspected for cracks and gaps
  • Soffit and fascia boards should all be in good working order with no rotting
  • Tree branches near or against the home should be trimmed back

Wintertime Rodents in The Basement in Maryland

Norway rats and house mice both enter the home from gaps or cracks around the ground level of the home. Rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter and mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime! Here is a list of winter time rodent prevention tips for Norway rats and house mice:

  • Check door thresholds and door sweeps for no gaps
  • Check windows and screens are in good working order
  • Inspect, caulk, and seal all cracks and gaps around the perimeter of the home
  • Install screening on dryer vents and bathroom vents

Cockroaches in The Winter Maryland

Cockroaches are active throughout the year but they seek warmth in the wintertime. Cockroaches are dangerous and can cause health hazards for your family. Cockroaches in the winter look for a place that offers both food and water. Here are tips for keeping cockroaches away this winter:

  • Keep food sealed in containers
  • Ensure kitchen is kept in clean order, not leaving food debris out
  • Inspect for water and moisture issues inside and outside of the home. Make sure gutters and downspouts are in good working order and that rain water is expelled away from the home so that moisture does not build around the foundation of the home. Check inside faucets for leaks.

Bed Bugs in The Winter in Maryland

Bed bugs issues are most prevalent during the summer months due to the high level of travel. In the wintertime, the holiday travel season creates another opportunity for bed bug issues for homeowners. Traveling for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, MLK Weekend, and Presidents Day Weekend, are all high travel times during the winter. Bed Bugs can hitch a ride back to your home this winter. It is important to contact a bed bug control company in Maryland immediately if you suspect you have brought these nuisance pests back to your home.

Spiders in The Winter in Maryland

Spiders are active year round. In the fall we usually notice spiders more outside because this is the season they are making spider webs on the outside of our homes. Then in the winter, spider sightings inside our home are common because we are spending more time indoors. While seeing a spider from time to time is not major concern, if you notice a large increase in spider sightings, this is a sign of a larger pest issue. Like other pests in the winter, spiders like food and moisture. Follow the prior guidelines to inspect your home for moisture and keep your food sealed and kitchen clean.

Best Way to Deal With Wintertime Pests in Maryland

The best way to prevent wintertime pests and rodents in your home this winter is to have a preventative pest control plan in place so you never have an issue to begin with. Environmental Pest Control provides superior year-round protection from 20+ pests and rodents with our Standard Care Plan. Call us today for your free over the phone quote and get protected this winter!

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