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Pest Control and Exterminator in Arlington, VA

Serving Arlington County – Free Inspections for Rosslyn, Courthouse, Clarendon, VA Square, Ballston, Columbia Pike, North Arlington, Pentagon City, Crystal City, Shirlington, Westover

Arlington Virginia is a densely populated urban-suburban county in Northern VA. Home to about 250,000 people it is comprised of many separate neighborhoods and commercial areas. We service all neighborhoods with professional, timely and safe pest control services.

We are a licensed exterminator founded in 2006. We are experienced in local pest control services unique to Arlington and Fairfax County homes and businesses. The major pests found in Arlington homes, townhomes and businesses are:

Rats, Mice, Squirrels, Ants, Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Mosquitos & Ticks, Stinging Insects, Termites, Bats, Racoons

Pest Control for Arlington County VA – Rats and Mice are the Number One Problem

"No one wants to talk about it, but Arlington has a real rat problem on our hands," Quote from Washington Post Article.

Arlington City is urban in nature and is very densely populated. It is located on the western banks of the Potomac River, just across from Washington, D.C. When a densely populated city borders a major river (like to Potomac) rodent population of rats and mice will be high. Too, Arlington is a tourist destination supporting over 500 restaurants and underground metro stations. Restaurants provide the rodents a food source and metro stations- and your homes- provide shelter. 

Yearly rat infestation calls to Arlington Government exceed 700. Arlington County has active rodent abatement programs and Arlington County Public Health provides advice and assistance to residents and property owners on controlling rats and mice; however, extermination on private property is the property owner's responsibility. And, per county code, it is the “Duty of Either Property Owner, Occupant or Both to Keep the Property Free from Rat Harborage”. See The best rodent control strategy-and least costly-is always prevention. Three major rodent species are found in large numbers throughout Arlington; Norway rats, roof rats and common house mice. Norway rats are especially dangerous and elusive due to their burrowing nature. We have the specialized equipment to exterminate Norway rats even in their underground burrows. 

General Pest Control Services for Arlington County - Service Areas

Our main areas are Rosslyn (22209), Courthouse (22201), Clarendon (22201), Virginia Square (22201), Ballston (22203,22201), Columbia Pike (22204), Lee Hwy (North Arlington, 22207), Pentagon City (22202), Crystal City (22202), Shirlington (22206) and Westover (West Arlington, 22205). The pests that inhabit Arlington VA neighborhoods present dangers for homeowners and businesses. Three major rodent species are found in large numbers in Arlington; Norway rats, roof arts and common house mice. All three breed quickly and present serious human health dangers. Other common pest issues include insects and wildlife such as squirrels, bats and racoons. We offer a choice of extermination and control services -either one-time or recurring- including emergency pest control services and organic pest control options. 

Ants Found in Arlington County VA- Prevention and Extermination

Although ants do not pose the same danger as rodents, they can become a major problem if left unchecked. Ant extermination and control methods will vary based on the type and location of the ant colony. Ant prevention is always less costly than ant extermination. The major types of ants found in Arlington are Carpenter ants, Fire ants, Back ants, Odorous house ants, Pavement ants, Pharaoh ants, and Crazy ants. Recently, experts have also identified invasive ants, not yet found in Arlington, that are moving northward.  They are already prevalent in Southern-Central Virginia counties. Specifically, three species are of concern: the red imported fire ant, the Asian needle ant and the Argentine ant. Two of these invasive ants pose a real human health threat. Consumers in our Northern VA area should report immediately any suspected sighting of these species to the VA Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS), Office of Plant & Pest Services at 804-786-3515. Or call Environmental Pest Control for a free professional inspection.

Cockroaches Found in Arlington County VA- Prevention and Extermination

German cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, and American cockroaches are found throughout Arlington VA. Roaches are one of the hardest pests for the DIY homeowner to control and exterminate. They are well adapted to live with humans and experts at evading extermination techniques. Cockroaches are notorious for carrying harmful bacteria like E. coli and salmonella thought-out your home and business onto your countertops, sinks and floors. Their dust and droppings can trigger asthma attacks in many people, and they stink! Arlington VA government issues warnings on health risks associated with roaches at 

Not to worry, our team of professional cockroach exterminators can help Arlington homeowners and businesses eradicate even the most entrenched roach infestations, guaranteed.

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