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Pest Control and Exterminator in Rockville MD

Serving All Rockville Neighborhoods with Free Inspections

Rockville is a city in Montgomery County MD with a population of about 69,000 people.  It is a city of distinct neighborhoods including Rockville Town Square, Twinbrook, Westmore, Woodley Gardens, Rockshire, Fallsmead, Fallsgrove, King Farm, West End Park, Lincoln Park, and New Mark Commons. At Environmental Pest Control we service every neighborhood. We are a licensed exterminator founded in 2006 with offices in MD and VA. We are experienced in local pest control services unique to Montgomery County homes and businesses providing pest control to Rockville zip codes 20851, 20853, 20852, 20850, 20832, 20860, 20906, 20877,20854, 20855. The major pests found in Montgomery County include (link to individual pages):

Rats, Mice, Squirrels, Ants, Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Mosquitos & Ticks, Stinging Insects, Termites, Bats, Racoons

Pest Control for Rockville City – Rats and Mice are the Number One Winter Problem

Montgomery Co. has warned residents that rat infestations could spike in the wake of the 2021 Brood X cicadas. Rat populations increased as they became accustomed to an easy but temporary food source.  Now they will be searching for other things to eat, and that could bring them into Rockville residents’ homes and businesses. The best rodent pest control strategy is always prevention. As winter approaches rats and mice will be looking for warm homes and new food sources. Call us for a free rodent inspection.

Rockville MD is a high-density mix of suburban and urban locations. The area supports hundreds of restaurants. Restaurant foods and dumpsters are a rodent magnet. The City of Rockville has an active rodent abatement program; however, “Elimination and control of mice and rats is the responsibility of the property owner, if mice or rats or other rodents are in a private home.”  Rat and mice infestations are dangerous to humans in many ways and in Rockville they may be illegal. "It shall be unlawful for anyone to allow their property to be infested with rats or to be in such condition as to contribute to an existing or potential rat infestation."  Chapter 39 of the Montgomery County Code. 

Three major rodent species are found in large numbers throughout Rockville City are Norway rats, deer mice and common house mice. These rodents are good jumpers, climbers, swimmers, burrowers and gnawers and are well adapted to living with humans. 

Ants & Termites Found in Rockville, MD. Inspections, Prevention and Extermination

Although ants do not pose the same health danger as rodents, they can become a major problem if left unchecked. Ant extermination and control methods will vary based on the type and location of the ant colony. Ant prevention is always less costly than ant extermination. The major types of ants found in Rockville are Carpenter ants, Fire ants, Back ants, Odorous house ants, Pavement ants, Pharaoh ants, and Crazy ants. Recently, experts have also identified invasive Red Imported Fire Ants (Solenopsis invica) from South America are present in MD. 

Termites are not a major health issue for humans but they are for your house! The termite species found in Maryland is the Eastern Subterranean Termite.  Each year, many households in Montgomery County become infested by these termites and require a professional exterminator for eradication. When discovered too late they can cause serious structural damage to your home. In the United States, termite pests do more damage to homes annually than all reported fires, tornadoes, hurricanes and windstorms combined. Call us for a free termite inspection, report of findings and extermination and control options.

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