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Raccoon Removal in

Herndon VA

Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

Raccoon Removal Services in
Herndon VA
Environmental Pest Control is a professional Raccoon removal company serving
Herndon VA
. Our trained wildlife removal technicians perform hundreds of Raccoon removal services every year.  We can quickly resolve any Raccoon infestation you may have at your home or your business.  We provide free inspections for all Raccoon issues and we provide a 1 year warranty on our Raccoon seal up services. 
Raccoon Removal Near Me in
Herndon VA
Environmental Pest Control is the best raccoon removal company in
Herndon VA
. Since 2006, our highly trained wildlife removal technicians have been helping home owners with raccoon removal services that protect their homes and families.  We provide free estimates and free inspections for all your needs so give us a call today!
What Are Signs of a Raccoon Infestation in
Herndon VA
Most raccoon issues start when a homeowner hears scratching, clawing, or fluttering sounds in the walls or attic of their home.  Dusk and dawn are the common times homeowners will hear these sounds when bats are leaving the home and then returning.   Other signs are seeing raccoon droppings, smelling a musty odor from urine and droppings, and actually seeing raccoons coming out of your home! All of these are signs that something is going on and it’s very important to schedule a free inspection!
Are Raccoons in
Herndon VA
Raccoons are well adapted to urban, suburban and rural areas throughout
Herndon VA
. They are excellent climbers typically building nests in attics, chimneys, vents, roofs and walls. A raccoon on a roof can rip open vents and find gaps in soffits, which allow attic access. Once inside, raccoons present a human health danger from parasites to rabies. Raccoons will deposit feces in “latrines” which will soil attic insulation and become a serious health hazard. Sometimes our inspections find many such latrines - and they must be sanitized and cleaned. When Raccoons live in your attic for a prolonged period of time, insulation removal & installation service and disinfecting service is almost always required. Raccoon control, removal – extermination is a job best left to a professional company. 
Types of Raccoons in
Herndon VA
Common Raccoon – The common raccoon is the, per its namesake, the most common and also the largest in North America.  This is what you most likely see if you find a raccoon around your property.  Black mask around its eyes and a bushy tail with black rings are its visual traits.
Eastern Raccoon – This species is found on the eastern part of North America, specifically Canada down to the Mid-Atlantic.  
Chesapeake Bay Raccoon – These fury guys are semi aquatic and spend a lot of time in the water.  They are slightly larger than other raccoons and have thicker fur.  Raccoons are medium-sized tree Raccoons with a long, furry tail. Fur color varies greatly in this species, from overall pale grey to black with white feet. The most common fur color is reddish-brown. Often the hairs are reddish tipped with brown, giving these Raccoons a frosted look.
What do Raccoons Eat?
Raccoons are omnivores; they eat a combination of various plants and other animals. Most of their diet consists of fruits, berries, nuts, fish, frogs, mussels, insects, turtles, mice, rabbits, muskrats, and bird eggs.
Do Raccoons Hibernate?
Raccoons are not true hibernators, they stay active year round.  But their activity does slow down in the winter, in order to store their body fat because of less food sources, so you may see less in the wintertime.
How Long do Raccoons Live?
Raccoons live an average of 2 to 3 years in the wild. 
How to Get Rid of Raccoons in
Herndon VA
Getting rid of Raccoons in
Herndon VA
is a multistep process to ensure the Raccoons cannot come back and to ensure your home is safe. Environmental Pest Control will quickly remove Raccoons from your home and make sure they do not come back. All of our Raccoon removal services come with a warranty. Here are the steps to getting rid of Raccoons.

1) Raccoon Removal - The first step is to remove the Raccoons by setting a one way door in the area the Raccoons are currently entering the home. One way doors allow the Raccoons to leave the home but trap them outside. Inspecting and sealing up all other holes on the property is required to ensure the Raccoons do not find another access point.
2) Clean Up & Disinfect - On a follow up service, the one way trap door is removed (the Raccoons have now left and cannot get back in) and permanently sealed. At this time any Raccoon poop should be cleaned up and the infected area should be property treated with disinfectant.
3) Insulation Replacement - In severe Raccoon infestation situations, the insulation in the attic may need to be replaced with new insulation. 

Raccoon Removal Services FAQ's

What areas do you service?

Please Click Here to see our entire MD, VA, DC and WV coverage areas.

How do you get rid of racoons in your attic? 

Removal of raccoons in your attic or chimney is a complex problem we encounter in wildlife control. Definitely not a DIY issue if you want to do it right, safely and legally! The solution usually requires professional trapping. But you MUST first determine if there are baby raccoons present. Raccoons give birth during the spring time and often baby racoons will be present. In this case trapping the mother is required. Then then baby racoons may be hand removed. And finally safely relocated.

Will local governments remove my raccoons?

Not likely and each jurisdiction has varying laws, some complex. For example, in DC and Fairfax County, no free agency will come to your house to take care of the problem for you. If rabies is highly suspected, some jurisdictions, like Loudoun County VA and Montgomery County MD, may come. However, it is more likely they will refer you to a private licensed Wildlife Control trapper. In general, local governments are not allowed to cause potential home damage to catch raccoons and usually provide information for a finding a licensed wildlife removal specialist.

Do you remove raccoon poop from attics? Do you replace contaminated insulation? 

Yes on both counts! The raccoon poop and any latrine damage should be removed and contaminated insulation replaced, and we do both. Then the attic area may be sanitized. Cleanup requires special protective equipment and respirators. 

How can you prevent raccoons from coming back?

After all animals are removed from your attic and home, the entry points must be identified and sealed up. Raccoons are intelligent and highly dexterous. If your seal up is incomplete, you may have raccoons again.  We inspect for and perform exclusionary repairs to all access points including attic vents, chimney caps, gables, cracks, and ridge caps.

How much does it cost for professional raccoon removal?

The price for professional trapping and removal of raccoons varies widely. In a yard, raccoon removal may be $200-$600. A nest in an attic with babies may be $600 -$2,000. It will vary greatly depending on the required service and if there is a warranty provided. Attic insulation removal-repair and exclusionary seal-up may be extra. You always want our free in-person inspection - and quote - for raccoon removal jobs. CLICK HERE to see a complete list of average wildlife control prices in the Mid-Atlantic.

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