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Rat Control & Exterminator in

Ferndale MD

Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia

Rat Control & Exterminator in
Ferndale MD
Environmental Pest Control is a rat control & exterminator company in
Ferndale MD
. Our highly trained technicians have the experience to address any rat issue you have.  Rat infestations take many weeks, of actively managed pest control, to get the problem under control so don’t wait, contact a professional right away.
Are Rats in
Ferndale MD
It is important to call a rat exterminator immediately if you believe you have a rat infestation, because rats are very dangerous. They can transmit many diseases and infections from breathing air that is contaminated with their droppings and urine, through direct contact with feces and urine, and through bites. Rats are also major vectors of parasites like fleas and ticks. They can cause allergic reactions especially in children. Add to that the danger posed by chewing through wires and building materials and they pose a serious threat in
Ferndale MD
. Once they are established they can breed quickly and be difficult to exterminate. Eradication is dangerous and should be left to a professional rat control company. Click to view our pest control programs that protect against rats and other pests year round! However, if you have an existing rat or infestation our expert pest exterminators can resolve it safely so call us today!
How to Get Rid of Rats in
Ferndale MD
1) Quarterly pest control with rodent stations. This is the first line of defense against a rat infestation. A proper quarterly pest control program should always include rodent stations strategically placed around the exterior of the home. If there is an active rat infestation, a minimum of 3-4 rodent stations should be set in place. After 2-4 weeks, after the rats have eaten the bait inside the stations, you should notice a big improvement with a reduction of rat activity in and around your home.
2) Ground level exclusion/seal up. This is the second step in rat control. Rats can squeeze through holes the size of a quarter, or a gap just less than 1", and get into your home! So, first, make sure all your exterior door sweeps are in good working order. A professional rat exterminator will perform a ground level seal up where all gaps and voids around the base of the home are sealed up so the rats cannot get in.
3) Interior products - when rats make their home inside, in addition to the measures listed above, interior throw packs and/or bait stations must be set up.
Commercial Rat Removal in
Ferndale MD
Environmental Pest Control specialized in commercial rat removal from all types of commercial properties.  We can help restaurants, shopping centers, office buildings, and more from rat infestations.  Commercial properties are best served with monthly rat removal programs to ensure their businesses, and customers, are not affected.  Call us today for a free inspection or learn more about our commercial pest control
Signs of Rat Problem in
Ferndale MD
Since rats are awake from dusk until dawn, it is easy for homeowners to never know they have a problem to begin with.  Below are some signs to look for in your home or business – if you experience any of these, call Environmental Pest Control right away for a free inspection.
  • Scratching or clawing sounds in walls or ceiling, particularly around dusk and dawn.  At dusk, the rats & rodents will make their way from their nesting area to get outside of your home for the night.  Conversely, at dawn, they will make their way back to their nesting area.
  • Musty, ammonia like smell from urine and feces.  This smell gets worse the warmer it is so is often easiest detected in the summer months.
  • Nesting materials like shed paper, plant matter, etc…
  • Small holes in floors or walls.
Types of Rats in
Ferndale MD
1) Norway Rat - Norway rats are larger and chunkier than the roof rat and are usually found in the opposite section of the house, basement and lower levels. They have untidy brown fur with a mix of black hair and they also have a lighter underbelly. They have protruding small dark eyes, small ears, and short blunt nose.
2) Roof Rat - Roof rats prefer to live in higher places like trees of the attic of a house. These rats are identified by their long slender bodies and their long noses. They are usually black or brown in color, lighter on the underbelly, with a mix of grey hair. They have large ears, a pointed nose, and large dark eyes.
Click to view our pest control programs that protect against rats and other pests year round! However, if you have an existing rat infestation, our expert rat exterminators can resolve it safely so call us today! 

Rat Extermination & Removal FAQ's

How do you get rid of rats?

If our trained professionals are able to locate and access the rat burrows, we can use our BurrowRX machine to knock out the infestation quickly. Designated as a rat control device by the EPA, BurrowRX allows direct targeting of rodents within the burrow system. There are no secondary toxicity issues. Unfortunately, not all burrows are accessible or you also have an inside infestation. Once inside your home rat extermination is more difficult. However, our trained team can handle it! We will set-up a custom rat baiting- trapping program and monitor it closely until the rats are eradicated.

How can I prevent rats?

The key to good rat prevention is removing easy sources of food, water or shelter. Also, seal up all entry points larger than a quarter. Repair any roof or eaves damage immediately. Trim back trees touching your house.  Eliminate easy outside meals like bird feeders, easy access garbage-trash, compost heaps with food waste, open pet food. Eliminate water sources in your yard. Schedule regular rat control inspections (our initial inspection is free) to identify early signs of rodents and rats.

What are the tell-tale signs of a rat infestation?

Seeing capsule shaped, dark droppings (careful they are toxic), marks along wall baseboards, the smell urine or ammonia, gnaw marks on wood and electrical wiring, scratching noises at night inside walls or attics, burrows along foundations.

What is your service area?

Virginia, Maryland and part of West Virginia. Click here for our complete service area by city.

What is the cost of your annual plans and how do they work?

Click here to see pricing options.

How can I set-up my free rat inspection?

Click here to schedule online or call us in VA at (540) 441-7397, in MD at (240) 469-1358. We respond!

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