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Squirrel Removal in

Gaithersburg MD

Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

Squirrel Removal Services in

Gaithersburg MD

Environmental Pest Control is a professional squirrel removal company serving
Gaithersburg MD
. Our trained wildlife removal technicians perform hundreds of squirrel removal services every year.  We can quickly resolve any squirrel infestation you may have at your home or your business.  We provide free inspections for all squirrel issues and we provide a 1 year warranty on our squirrel seal up services. 

Squirrel Removal Near Me in

Gaithersburg MD

Environmental Pest Control is the best squirrel removal company in
Gaithersburg MD
. Since 2006, our highly trained wildlife removal technicians have been helping home owners with squirrel removal services that protect their homes and families.  We provide free estimates and free inspections for all your needs so give us a call today!

Signs of Squirrel in Home or Attic in

Gaithersburg MD

Most squirrel issues start when a homeowner hears scratching or clawing sounds in the walls or attic of their home. Squirrels are very clumsy so they make lots of noise when they are clunking around your attic! Dusk and dawn are the common times homeowners will hear these sounds when squirrels are leaving the home and then returning.   Other signs are seeing squirrel droppings, smelling a musty odor from urine and droppings, and actually squirrels coming out of your home! All of these are signs that something is going on and it’s very important to schedule a free inspection!
Are Squirrels in
Gaithersburg MD
Squirrels in your attic, or home, can do extensive damage to wiring, wood, soffits, and insulation if they are not quickly and professionally removed. Squirrels are active year round in the Mid-Atlantic area. They will happily set-up residence in your home’s attic or crawlspace squeezing – or chewing – through holes as small as 2 inches. Squirrels can do extensive damage to wiring, wood, soffits and insulation.  Their urine and feces is full of dangerous parasites and salmonella. When squirrels live in your attic for a prolonged period of time, insulation removal & installation service and disinfecting service is almost always required. If they die in your house they will attract a host of other pests. Squirrel control, removal – extermination is a job best left to a professional company.
Types of Squirrels in
Gaithersburg MD
Flying Squirrel - Flying squirrels have soft, gray-brown fur on the back and sides, with white underparts, a flattened tail and large, dark eyes for night vision. The northern flying squirrel is slightly darker and redder than the southern flying squirrel.
Black Squirrel - The black squirrel is actually a gray squirrel with a faulty pigment gene carried over from the fox squirrel that turns their fur a darker shade.
Fox Squirrel - Fox squirrels are medium-sized tree squirrels with a long, furry tail. Fur color varies greatly in this species, from overall pale grey to black with white feet. The most common fur color is reddish-brown. Often the hairs are reddish tipped with brown, giving these squirrels a frosted look.
Red Squirrel - The coat of the red squirrel is a rusty, reddish-brown in summer, turning slightly grayer in winter, and the underside is white. In summer, a black stripe is pronounced along its sides, separating the white underside from the reddish, upper body.
Grey Squirrel - As their name would suggest, gray squirrels are typically gray in color and have white undertones on their bellies and tails. They range in size from 14 to 21 inches long and weigh approximately 20 ounces.
What do Squirrels Eat?
Squirrels are true omnivores; they eat a combination of various plants and meats. Most of their diet consists of nuts, seeds, fruits, fungi, buds, and even green vegetables. Squirrels have a great ability to hoard their food by burying their food for long-term storage is known as “caching.” This is done to save food for the harsh winter months.
Do Squirrels Hibernate?
Squirrels are homeotherms, which means that unlike some mammals, their body temperatures remain fairly constant throughout the year; they don't hibernate. In the winter, squirrels spend less time foraging outside their dens, and it's more common for several squirrels to share a den.
How Long do Squirrels Live?
Squirrels live an average of 5 to 10 years in the wild. This life span varies greatly based on species.
How to Get Rid of Squirrels in Attic in
Gaithersburg MD
Getting rid of squirrels in an attic in
Gaithersburg MD
is a multistep process to ensure the squirrels cannot come back and to ensure your home is safe. Environmental Pest Control will quickly remove squirrels from your attic and make sure they do not come back. All of our squirrel removal services come with a warranty. Here are the steps to getting rid of squirrels.
1) Squirrel Removal - The first step is to remove the squirrels by setting a one way door in the area the squirrels are currently entering the home. One way doors allow the squirrels to leave the home but trap them outside. Inspecting and sealing up all other holes on the property is required to ensure the squirrels do not find another access point.
2) Clean Up & Disinfect
- On a follow up service, the one way trap door is removed (the squirrels have now left and cannot get back in) and permanently sealed. At this time any squirrel poop should be cleaned up and the infected area should be property treated with disinfectant.
3) Insulation Replacement
- In severe squirrel infestation situations, the insulation in the attic may need to be replaced with new insulation.

Squirrel Removal FAQ's

What areas do you serve?

Please CLICK HERE to see our entire MD, VA, and WV coverage areas.

How do you get rid of, remove and keep out squirrels in my attic, walls, and eves?

Each situation is different. The best way depends on where the squirrels are located and if they have young. We will recommend the best combination of controls, deterrents and live trapping. Extermination or dead trapping is a last resort and rarely necessary. If animals are present in attics during our seal up, all holes except for one will be sealed, and a one-way door will be set at the one exit hole. Once all animals exit your home our team will return, verify all squirrels are gone, remove the one-way door and seal up the last hole.

What are signs of squirrel infestation?

Seeing squirrels on your roof or chimney, hearing scratching or jumping noises in ceilings, walls or attics, seeing holes in eaves, siding, under the soffits or chewed shingles, water damage on your ceilings, droppings in your attic, seeing insulation washed down your downspouts.

What is your guarantee - warranty?

Most of our jobs include squirrel removal and future prevention. Our prevention includes exclusions/seal ups and carries a one-year written warranty (365 days). If there are any problems we come back – quickly.
Download our Warranty.

If wiring is damaged by squirrels can you repair it? What other repairs can you do?

Soffits, Wood, Repair:
Environmental Pest Control is not a general contractor. We will seal holes up so that the animals will not return. In the case of large holes, damaged siding, soffits or roof lines we suggest you contact a general contractor for cosmetic repairs. Reminder; most GC’s will not enter an attic with a live animal in it. Prior to any work they require all wildlife must be removed.

Electrical/Wiring Repair:
Environmental Pest Control is not an electrician. If any unsafe electrical conditions are seen during inspection our techs will report it and advise home owner contact an electrician.

Do you offer dead squirrel removal? What about baby squirrels?

As long as the squirrel is accessible we will safely remove any dead animals. We will not cut any dry wall to gain access. If drywall or other material needs to be removed we can be there at the same time as a general contractor so they can make the cuts, then we can safely remove the animal and they can repair. Yes we can remove baby squirrels, humanly. First the mother squirrel needs to be removed from of the attic usually using a one-way door. Then the baby squirrels can be relocated to a warming box near the outside of the house where the mother squirrel will reclaim them. The gray squirrel usually has liters in February and June.

What is the average cost for a pest control company to remove squirrels from attics,
soffits or wall voids in MD, VA, WV area? 

The price for professional removal of squirrels from an attic will vary depending on the extent of the infestation, the number of entry points and if there is a warranty provided. Average costs for a removal are $600-$2,000. This includes removal of all squirrels from your attic using a 1-way door (or similar) and/or live trapping and then sealing up entry points. In some cases, we may find a fair amount of attic feces and insulation contamination to clean. After squirrel removal, it is worth replacing any soiled or damaged insulation which may present health issues. (We replace contaminated attic insulation!). CLICK HERE to see a complete list if average pest control prices. 

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