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Wildlife Removal in

Westminster MD

Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

Wildlife Control & Removal Services in
Westminster MD
The Natural Heritage Resource Inventory (NHRI) conducted an inventory project in which occurrence of wildlife in
Westminster MD
was investigated. Examples of wildlife species in
Westminster MD
include bats, birds, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, chipmunks, box turtles, snapping, turtles and a variety of snakes. Natural wildlife species are good for
Westminster MD
However, when some of these species take up refuge in your attics, vents or home, they should be relocated by a local, certified wildlife removal company. 
Squirrel Removal in
Westminster MD
Environmental Pest Control is the best squirrel removal company in
Westminster MD
to rid your home of squirrels in your attic safely and humanely. Squirrels are active year-round in the Mid-Atlantic area. They will happily set-up residence in your home’s attic or crawlspace squeezing – or chewing – through holes as small as 2 inches. Squirrels can do extensive damage to wiring, wood, soffits and insulation. Their urine and feces are full of dangerous parasites and salmonella. When squirrels live in your attic for a prolonged period of time, insulation removal & installation service and disinfecting service is almost always required. If they die in your house, they will attract a host of other pests. Squirrel control, removal – extermination is a job best left to a professional company.
Common squirrel removal questions - see answers on squirrel removal page.
How do you get rid of squirrels in your attic?
Do you remove squirrel poop from attics?
Do you replace contaminated attic insulation?
Do you disinfect/sanitize my attic?
What does it cost to remove squirrels?
Bat Removal in
Westminster MD
Environmental Pest Control is a professional bat removal company in
Westminster MD
that will humanely remove bats from your attic, clean up bat guano, disinfect your attic, and finally seal up your attic so bats will not reenter.  Bats are highly beneficial to the ecosystem.  They are nature’s insect control.  Did you know that a bat can eat up to 600 mosquitoes per hour!  However, bats can gain access anywhere there is a 3/8” gap!   When bats roost in your attic, eaves and chimney, it creates a dangerous situation because their guano (bat poop) is toxic.  Also, bat urine smells like a strong musty ammonia smell and can become off-putting, especially in the hot summer months when the smell is most potent.  Removing bats from your is very difficult and dangerous. Specialized protective equipment and trapping devices are needed. Do it yourself (DIY) measures such as fragrances and sound and motion alarms simply do not work. Additionally, it is ILLEGAL to kill bats because they are protected.  Let Environmental Pest Control solve your bat issue today!
Common bat removal questions - see answers on bat removal page.
How do you get rid of bats in your attic?
Do you remove bat poop, guano, from attics?
Do you replace contaminated attic insulation?
Do you disinfect/sanitize my attic?
What does it cost to remove bats?
Raccoon Removal in
Westminster MD
Environmental Pest Control is a professional raccoon removal company in
Westminster MD
 that will humanely trap and remove raccoons from your attic.  Raccoons are highly destructive once they gain access to your home and attic and best dealt with immediately.  We will remove the raccoons, disinfect the area, clean up and feces, replace attic insulation as necessary. Then we seal up the attic to ensure the raccoons cannot re-enter.  Additionally, it is ILLEGAL to kill raccoons in most areas because they are protected.  Let Environmental Pest Control solve your raccoon issue today! 
Common raccoon removal questions - see answers on raccoon removal page.
How do you get rid of raccoons in your attic?
Do you remove raccoon poop from attics?
Do you replace contaminated attic insulation?
Do you disinfect/sanitize my attic?
What does it cost to remove raccoons?
Bird Nest Removal from Vents in
Westminster MD
Environmental Pest Control is a local bird nest removal company in
Westminster MD
. Do you have birds in dryer or bathroom vents?
Westminster MD
is home to a number of bird species. In springtime birds are busy building nests to raise their young and they will happily build nests in your unprotected dryer, bathroom and even AC vents.  While these issues are easily solved, if left untreated, the nesting material creates a very dangerous fire hazard, especially in dryer vents.  Additionally, if the nests have been in the vents or piping for a couple of years, there could be decay and foul odors involved as well.  Bird nest in vent removal is best left to a professional.  Environmental Pest Control will remove the bird nest and seal up your vents so that the problem will not reoccur.  Call us today to get your bird in vent issue resolved ASAP!

Wildlife Removal FAQ's

What areas do you service?

Please Click Here to see our entire MD, VA, and WV coverage areas.

How do I get rid of, remove and keep out wildlife in my attic, walls and eaves?

Each situation is different. The best way depends on where the wildlife is located and if they have young. We will recommend the best combination of controls, deterrents and live trapping. Extermination or dead trapping is a last resort and rarely necessary. If animals are present in attics during our seal up, all holes except for one will be sealed, and a one-way door will be set at the one exit hole. Once all animals exit your home our team will return, verify all squirrels are gone, remove the one-way door and seal up the last hole.

What are the signs of a wildlife infestation in my home?

Seeing wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, bats on your roof or chimney, hearing scratching or jumping noises in ceilings, walls or attics, seeing holes in eaves, siding, under the soffits or chewed singles, water damage on your ceilings, droppings in your attic, seeing insulation washed down your downspouts. For skunks, opossums, ground hogs you will typically see a borrowed hole under your front porch or decking.

What is your guarantee - warranty?

Most of our jobs include wildlife removal and future prevention. Our prevention includes exclusions/seal ups and carries a one-year written warranty (365 days). If there are any problems we come back – quickly.

If wiring is damaged by squirrels can you repair it? Can you repair soffits, wood, etc.?

Soffits, Wood, Repair:
Environmental Pest Control is not a general contractor. We will seal holes up so that the animals will not return. In the case of large holes, damaged siding, soffits or roof lines we suggest you contact a general contractor for cosmetic repairs. Reminder; most GC’s will not enter an attic with a live animal in it. Prior to any work they require all wildlife must be removed.
Electrical/Wiring Repair:
Environmental Pest Control is not an electrician. If any unsafe electrical conditions are seen during inspection our techs will report it and advise home owner contact an electrician.

  • State certified technicians - exterminators
  • Quick services for emergency services
  • One-time service or annual contract based on your needs
  • All squirrel services come with a warranty for peace of mind
  • State licensed and locally owned
  • Total house integrated pest management programs
  • Locally owned & Operated

What is the average cost for professional, legal and humane removal of birds, bats, ground hogs, raccoons, snakes, squirrels in the MD, VA, WV area? 

The price for professional trapping and removal of wildlife is $150-$20,000. It will vary greatly depending on the service and if there is a warranty provided. There is a wide price range based on treatment such as trapping, attic removal, insulation-exclusionary repair. There are many variables and you will always want an in-person inspection to be performed for wildlife removal jobs. CLICK HERE to see a complete list if average pest control prices. 

How to get rid of bats in your attic? 

Removal of bats in your attic may be one of the more complex problems we encounter in wildlife control. Definitely not a DIY issue if you want to do it right, safely and legally! Bat colonies are protected species and you must not kill them. The solution usually requires installation a one-way door and/or a special netting that lets bats fly out, but not fly back in. But you MUST first determine if there are baby bats present, or you will create a huge problem. Baby bats will not exit on their own. Left stranded they will crawl down your walls, into your house, and die creating a monumental mess, stink and attract more pests. Once you have eliminated any baby bats, the one-way device may be installed. After all bats are removed from your attic, the entry points must be identified and sealed up. Bats can squeeze through small gaps of just 3/8 of an inch. If your seal up is incomplete, you will soon have you bats again.  Finally, the bat poop, guano, should be removed and contaminated insulation replaced (which we do). Guano is dangerous, releasing spores that cause Histoplasmosis a disease of the lungs. Cleanup requires special protective equipment.   CLICK HERE to see a complete list if average pest control prices. 

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