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Attic Insulation in

Brambleton VA

Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

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Attic Insulation Contractor in

Brambleton VA

Environmental Pest Control is an insulation contractor in
Brambleton VA
that provides a full line of insulation services including contaminated insulation removal, blown in insulation, batt insulation, cellulose insulation install, r19 insulation, r30 insulation, r38 insulation, and r49 insulation. Whether you have contaminated insulation or you are looking at add to your home’s comfort, you have come to the right place!  Environmental Pest Control provides free inspections and free estimates for all insulation projects.Call us today! 
Contaminated Attic Insulation in
Brambleton VA
Batsmiceraccoonsrats, and squirrels commonly make their homes in your attic because it provides a safe and comfortable place to live and nest.  Unfortunately, this creates a dangerous sanitary issue due to feces and any rodent carcasses that contaminate the insulation.  The longer these wildlife animals live in your attic, the greater the likelihood that your insulation will become contaminated and need replacing. Environmental is an expert wildlife removal and insulation removal and install company that will remove your contaminated insulation, seal up the attic so the pests do not come back, sanitize the attic, and then install new insulation. All of our attic services come with a 1 year warranty so you can rest assured your protected by a professional company. 
Blown Insulation in
Brambleton VA
The term blown in insulation (or loose-fill insulation) refers to the process of filling stud or joist cavities or covering attic floors, with any loose material that has a good insulating R-value. While there are a variety of materials that can be used, including styrofoam pellets or loose fiberglass fibers, the most common material used for blow-in applications is cellulose material. Blow-in insulation is widely considered the best means of adding insulation in existing construction, both for attic spaces and in wall cavities. 
Cellulose Insulation in
Brambleton VA
Cellulose is “green.” It’s made of 80% post-consumer recycled newsprint. The fiber is chemically treated with non-toxic borate compounds to resist fire, insects and mold. Cellulose insulation is used in wall and roof cavities to insulate, draught proof and reduce noise.  Cellulose insulation is a smart alternative to fiberglass. It provides a green, efficient, non-toxic, affordable thermal solution. Blown-in cellulose insulation is an excellent choice when insulating a home, especially when re-insulating or adding insulation to an existing home.
Batt Insulation in
Brambleton VA
Batt insulation (also known as blanket insulation) comes in flat pieces. It is made of fiberglass or mineral wool which is pre-cut into flat pieces. Batt insulation is an inexpensive way to insulate your home. Some batt insulation comes with a foil or paper (kraft) facing and some comes with no facing. 
How Much Attic Insulation do I Need in
Brambleton VA
Brambleton VA
, the required code for insulation in attics is R-49, which is approximately 18" of blown insulation. What home owners do not realize is that insulation slowly breaks down over time. Home owners should be looking to get insulation top off services every 15 years in order to maintain the correct amount of insulation. What happens when you do not have the right amount of insulation in your attic? Simply put you have higher amount of energy loss in your home. This means that in the summer, hot air from your attic will more easily make its way into the main living space of your house. This causes the house to be hot a lot during the summer months, especially on the top level. Sometimes you may even feel really hot air near the ceiling. This in turn causes your air conditioning unit(s) to run a lot more and a lot harder to try to maintain a the set temperature on the thermostat. This will lower the life span of your air conditioning units and they are not cheap! In the winter, the same issue occurs but with cold air. Cold air seeps into your home, house is cold, heat runs more and the heating units work harder to try to keep the house warm. Do you have recessed lights in your top level of your house? If so those are essentially 6" holes in your ceiling that let the hot or cold air come into your house! Our Insulation services also include can light insulation covers that will cover the light from the attic, which are then sealed to the ceiling with fire rated foam to seal off the open holes. This alone, is a major improvement for your home's energy efficiency. In summary, home owners that add more insulation into their attic, and seal off recessed light holes, will experience a major improvement in their home's temperature year round and they will also experience lower energy bills because their heating and air conditioning will not run as much, or as hard, to maintain the home's temperature.
Benefits of Blow in Insulation in
Brambleton VA
Taking advantage of your existing insulation in your attic, assuming it is not contaminated, is a benefit of blow in insulation. Blow in insulation allows a homeowner to take advantage of their existing insulation and do a "top off" where a lesser amount of blow in insulation is added to create the desired r value. This is substantially cheaper than a full removal and install and saves home owners thousands of dollars. Simply figure out how much total insulation you want to have in your attic. Subtract from what is already there and then you know what amount of blow in insulation you require.
Environmental Pest Control is a professional insulation removal and installation company. We are experts in solving insulation problems due to wildlife animal issues or if your home just needs an insulation top off to achieve home energy efficiency. We provide free inspections for all insulation issues, so what are you waiting for, give us a call today! 
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Insulation FAQ's

What area do you service?

Please click here to see our entire VA, MD, DC and WV coverage areas. Coverage Areas

How much insulation should I have in my attic?

It depends on where you live and what comfort level you are looking for. In Maryland and Virginia, the recommended minimum R-value is R38 for attics. To learn more, check out the Department of Energy’s guide to insulation:  Guide To Insulation

Do I have to remove my existing insulation before installing new insulation?

No! A big benefit of blown-in insulation is that it can be blown on top of existing insulation in your home, saving you money by utilizing what is already there. The only reason we would recommend removing existing insulation is if it has been contaminated by feces from mice, bats, or other wildlife.

What's your process for fixing my attic and insulation if I have a pest issue?

First we will remove any existing pests from your attic. Once all pests are out of your attic, we will seal up your attic so they cannot reenter again.  Then we will remove your contaminated insulation, sanitize as needed, and then install new insulation.

What are the benefits of adding more insulation in the attic?

Energy savings through lower heatingandA/C bills. Poorly insulated attics will allow hot air from attics in the summer to warm your home which makes your A/C run more. Conversely, in the winter, heat will escape from your home up through the attic making your heating system run more.  Properly insulated attics are one of the best ways to make your home more energy efficient and save money on your utility bills.

What is the average cost for a contractor to add, replace or top off an attic with cellulose
insulation in the VA, MD, DC, WVA area? 

In the Mid-Atlantic area, the required code for insulation in attics is R-38, which is approximately 11-12" of blown insulation. We use cellulose blown in insulation which has advantages over fiber glass.  The price to insulate attics to code greatly depends on whether the existing insulation must be totally replaced or simply topped off. Insulation wears out or may become contaminated over time and may need replacement. Our inspection will determine the correct solution and provide a firm quote. Generally, blown in attic re-insulation prices are $1,200-$15,000 and depend on total square footage. This price does not include attic air sealing and ventilation services which may be needed and costs between $350 to $1,500.  CLICK HERE to see a complete list of average blown-in insulation prices. 

What is better, cellulose or fiberglass blown in insulation?

So, what are the major differences between cellulose insulation and fiberglass insulation? “R-Value” measures how strongly a material resists the flow of heat. Higher R value means better insulation. Cellulose attic insulation works by blocking air flow. Fiberglass attic insulation works by trapping air flow. When moving between your unconditioned attic and your living space blocking air flow is better. If green products are important to you, go with cellulose.  It is simply recycled paper products treated with a flame retardant and boric acid. Cellulose has less safety warnings than fiberglass. The price of both cellulous and fiberglass blown in insulation is similar. Cellulose insulation is treated with boric acid – an effective pest deterrent- especially in your attic!  Most insects will avoid boric acid since it kills them. We use cellulose.

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