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Rat Control & Exterminator

Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia

Rats are highly intelligent rodents and any change in their environment makes them “on edge”. This makes rat control and extermination a challenge, even for professionals.
Environmental Pest Control is a highly trained and experienced in rat exterminator.  Whether it’s homes, restaurants, hotels, warehouses or retail strip malls we offer removal services for even the largest -or smallest- of rat infestations. We have different techniques for both inside and outside rat removal.

Most commercial clients require monthly rat control services and residential homes require quarterly services. We recommend our annual programs for guaranteed rat control - and the best value. Control is ALWAYS more effective and less costly then extermination. All of our annual plans come with a one-year warranty and no cost for call backs. Most rat infestations require our ground level seal up once the infestation is removed. This will lessen the chances of rats, or any other animal, re-entering your property.
Our Rat Control Services:
  • Commercial rat control & prevention on monthly service or one-time
  • Residential rat control & prevention on quarterly service or one-time
  • One-year warranty guarantee with our plans, no-cost call backs
  • Always free inspections - fast response
  • State certified technicians - exterminators
  • Rat control for inside, outside, gardens, attics
  • BurrowRX machine to knock out infestations quickly (outside infestation’s)
  • Safe bait stations to prevent future infestations
  • Roof rats and Norway rats eliminated
  • Urban rat exterminator – Alexandria, Arlington, Bethesda, all VA & MD.
  • Seal up of entry points

Rat Extermination & Removal FAQ's

How do you get rid of rats?

If our trained professionals are able to locate and access the rat burrows, we can use our BurrowRX machine to knock out the infestation quickly. Designated as a rat control device by the EPA, BurrowRX allows direct targeting of rodents within the burrow system. There are no secondary toxicity issues. Unfortunately, not all burrows are accessible or you also have an inside infestation. Once inside your home rat extermination is more difficult. However, our trained team can handle it! We will set-up a custom rat baiting- trapping program and monitor it closely until the rats are eradicated.

How can I prevent rats?

The key to good rat prevention is removing easy sources of food, water or shelter. Also, seal up all entry points larger than a quarter. Repair any roof or eaves damage immediately. Trim back trees touching your house.  Eliminate easy outside meals like bird feeders, easy access garbage-trash, compost heaps with food waste, open pet food. Eliminate water sources in your yard. Schedule regular rat control inspections (our initial inspection is free) to identify early signs of rodents and rats.

What are the tell-tale signs of a rat infestation?

Seeing capsule shaped, dark droppings (careful they are toxic), marks along wall baseboards, the smell urine or ammonia, gnaw marks on wood and electrical wiring, scratching noises at night inside walls or attics, burrows along foundations.

What is your service area?

Virginia, Maryland and part of West Virginia. Click here for our complete service area by city.

What is the cost of your annual plans and how do they work?

Click here to see pricing options.

How can I set-up my free rat inspection?

Click here to schedule online or call us in VA at (540) 441-7397, in MD at (240) 469-1358. We respond!

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