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Same Day Pest Control in

Hartwood VA

Environmental Pest Control is a local exterminator that serves 
Hartwood VA
with same day or next day pest control services.  We have set our company up operationally with the customer in mind. We know that you do not want to deal with a pest or rodent infestation any longer than you have to which is why we provide same day pest treatments in almost all situations. For any pest issue that does not require an onsite inspection, call us before 12pm (noon), and we will come treat before the end of the day. Our highly trained technicians have been helping home owners with same day pest control services that protect their homes and families since 2006.  Give us a call today!
Home Pest Control in
Hartwood VA
Environmental Pest Control provides the best home pest control for residents in 
Hartwood VA
with our quarterly treatment program called the Standard Care Plan.  Our Standard Care Plan provides year round protection against 20+ different pests and rodents.  In addition, we provide free re-treatments in between your scheduled services to deliver the highest level of customer service.  Environmental Pest Control performs the following with our quarterly pest control program: 
  • Quarterly Service
  • Year Round Coverage
  • 100% Guarantee
  • Exterior Perimeter Treatment
  • Interior Service Guarantee
  • Exterior Spider De-Webbing
  • Exterior Rodent Prevention & Entry Point Seal Up
Pest Control Coverage in
Hartwood VA
Environmental Pest Control provides the best pest control coverage in
Hartwood VA
with our Standard Care Plan
We protect you from the following pests and rodents:
Box Elder Bugs
Carpenter Ants
Carpenter Bees
Clover Mites
Ground Beetles
Paper Wasps
Stink Bugs
Yellow Jackets
Is Quarterly Pest Control Worth It in
Hartwood VA
People often wonder if having a quarterly pest control plan is worth the investment.  There are two main discussion points homeowners need to consider when sizing up If having a pest control plan is important.  Health and safety, and cost. Quarterly pest control will protect the health, safety, and wallet of the homeowner or renter.
Quarterly Pest Control in
Hartwood VA
Protects Your Health & Safety
Pest control isn't done just for your peace of mind. It protects the health and safety of the inhabitants of the property.  Many insects and rodents can carry diseases that are harmful to the health of your family and pets.  
Quarterly Pest Control in
Hartwood VA
Saves You Money
Homeowners (and renters) should factor pest prevention into the annual cost of their property.  Prevention is always more cost effective than reacting to infestations after they occur.  Most customers say, “I don’t have a pest infestation or bug problem.”  However, the reality is a pest or rodent infestation can occur anytime and of no fault to homeowners.  A quarterly pest control plan will cost about the same as a one -time pest treatment, depending on the type and severity of the infestation.  In summary, 1 pest infestation per year is about the same cost as an entire years of quarterly pest control.  2 pest infestations per year and you’re now losing money!
Best Pest Control Company in
Hartwood VA
Ever wonder what makes a pest control company great?  A lot of what we do as pest control companies is dictated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Agriculture; therefore, we are all held to the same high standards.  But the way a company decides to operate and serve their customers is the big differentiator on the quality of their offering and service.  Below are requirements, similarities, and differentiators of pest control companies that all customers should familiarize themselves with to help them choose the right pest control company for their property.
Hartwood VA
Pest Control Company Requirements 
  • Required to have a business license from Department of Agriculture in the state they operate in.
  • Required to use chemicals that are EPA approved and follow labels for proper application.
  • Technicians, people actually performing the treatments with the chemicals, must have a pest applicators license through the Department of Agriculture.
  • Technicians also are required to attend a minimum of 1 refresh training per year to keep their applicators license active.
  • Environmental Pest Control’s technicians are all state certified and go through ongoing monthly and weekly training to ensure the highest level of service!
Hartwood VA
Pest Control Company Similarities
  • Provide free estimates & free inspections.  Don’t deal with a company that does not provide this service.
  • Focus on quarterly pest control plans for year round protection
  • Provide free re-treatments (aka 100% guarantee) for their quarterly pest control plans.  Do not use a company that does not offer this.  Environmental Pest Control provides free retreatments for all of our covered pest and rodents!
Hartwood VA
Pest Control Company Differentiators
  • Pests/Rodents covered on their quarterly pest control plans.  This is a big one.  More and more companies are scaling back what they are covering on their plans to lower their costs but also lowering the quality to the customer.  Some companies have even started removing rodents (mice, rats) from their quarterly pest control plans and are selling that as a separate monthly program.  This significantly increases the cost to customers.  Environmental Pest Control provides coverage from 20 different pests and rodents year round.  No games, just great coverage.
  • Price point.  This one is obvious.  Make sure the price point matches the coverage you are getting.  A price that seems really low might be that way because it has minimal coverage which will force you to pay more as you get other pest/rodent issues on your property.
  • Ability to provide quick, responsive re-treatments.  All pest control companies provide quarterly pest control service, but how reliable are they when you call them to re-treat because you are seeing ants in the kitchen again?  This is where customer service really matters with a pest control company.  A lot of companies out there can take weeks to come back out and retreat.  Environmental Pest Control is set up for excellent customer service and we can perform re-treatments within 48 hours!
  • Environmental Pest Control provides excellent value with our pest control plans because we protect from 20+ pests and rodents. We are big on communication. All customers receive an email/text reminder 48 hours before every service, a text notification when the technician is on the way, and, if the customer is not home during service, we leave a service sticker to verify we were there. Lastly, Environmental is strategically set up across MD and VA to provide initial services to new customers, and re-treatments to our existing customers, within 24-48 hours in almost all situations!
Hartwood VA
Ant Control
Environmental Pest Control is the best pest control company to rid your home of ants including black ants, carpenter ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, and pharaoh ants. Our industry-leading Pest Control Plans keep your home and your family safe and pest free in every season. We believe that successful pest control is more than a one-time visit to a customer’s home (reactive approach). That is why our pest programs protect your home from the most common and dangerous pests and rodents in every season.  We treat the home for the current conditions but also preparing for a pest- free home 60-90 days in advance (proactive approach).  All plans come with our 100% guarantee where we will come back for free until the problem is resolved!
Mice & Rodent Control in
Hartwood VA
Environmental Pest Control is a professional rodent extermination company that will rid your home or business from mice, rats, or squirrels.   If left unchecked, rodents will make living spaces in your home unsafe because of their feces and urine, which can cause disease and illness.  We understand what it takes to quickly get rodent problems under control and completely eliminated.  Multiple visits are required to the property, in the first one to two months, to actively manage and solve an active rodent problem.  Unfortunately, we are brought in many times to fix customers’ rodent problems that other companies could not solve because they do not set up enough equipment and/or because they do not visit the property enough times in the beginning.
Mosquito & Tick Control In
Hartwood VA
Environmental Pest Control is a locally owned company that provides mosquito & tick control services.  Our expert mosquito exterminators will quickly get rid of mosquitoes and tick infestations using highly effective treatment methods, including our Seasonal Mosquito & Tick  Control Plan that provides protection March-October, and includes free re-treats, for total protection.  Are Mosquitoes and ticks dangerous?  Yes there are!  Mosquitoes are vector pests, picking up diseases and spreading them through their bites.  Mosquitoes carry illnesses including malaria, zika virus, west nile virus, and many others.  This is why mosquitoes are often referred to as one of the most dangerous pests in the world.  Ticks also carry many diseases with one of the most common being lymes disease which can wreck havoc on our central nervous systems.  It is important to protect yourself from mosquitoes & ticks in
Hartwood VA
by eliminating all sources of standing water in and around your property.  Stagnant water is the primary cause for mosquito infestations in your yard because it’s a breeding ground since mosquitoes lay their eggs in water.
Bat & Squirrel Control in
Hartwood VA
Environmental Pest Control is a professional bat removal, squirrel removal, and wildlife removal company. We provide thousands of wildlife removal services every year to our customers.  We are experts at humanely removing bats, birds, ground hogs, raccoons, squirrels, and much more from your home.  Common wildlife removal problems in our region are:  Bird in vent removal, bat in attic removal, squirrel in attic removal, and trapping services.  All of our wildlife removal services come with a 365 day warranty so you have the peace of mind that you have a company that is solving your problem and backing up their workmanship to provide you unparalleled service.  
Hartwood VA
Bed Bug Control
Environmental Pest Control is the best bed bug removal company. Plain and simple, bed bugs are bad for your home and your business, and there has been an increase of infestations in our region in the past few years. Bed bugs are an issue we hope to never face in a lifetime, however if you are ever struck by an infestation of these pesky characters Environmental Pest Control can help to remove them quickly and effectively.
In addition to homes in
Hartwood VA
, places like hotels, schools, libraries, movie theaters, college dorms, even restaurants have all been victims of bed bugs, causing annoyance for business owners. While it is almost impossible to prevent a bed bug infestation, if and when they do strike we can remove bed bugs as quickly and painlessly as possible.
An Environmental Pest Control, we will perform a thorough free inspection of the property establishing the most effective treatment option for your needs.
Termite Control in
Hartwood VA
Termites are a problem no home or business owner wants to face during their lifetime. These wood-chewing pests can cause thousands of dollars in damage to a structure with little or no warning. Virginia, Maryland and Eastern West Virginia are in a moderate to heavy risk zone for termites making their prevention even more important to protect your home investment In fact, real estate contract law requires that a termite or “wood destroying insect” inspection be conducted within 90 days of the settlement or closing of a home sale. This is why at Environmental Pest Control our goal is to give our clients peace of mind when it comes to the detection of, and control of, termites.

We use ADVANCE Termite Baiting Systems for Termite Baiting
We offer TERMIDOR Liquid Termite Control Products

Our systems allow for quicker detection and protection from the damaging effects of termites. In addition, we provide an annual termite warranty program where a state certified technician will come onsite for a thorough inspection and you have peace of mind that we warranty your home for 365 days in the event there is any termite activity.
Hartwood VA
Commercial Pest Control
Our company specializes in both interior and exterior commercial pest control services. We service landlord/property managers, large shopping centers, restaurants, bars, warehouses and inline retail tenants.
We can customize a monthly treatment plan to meet the needs – and budget – of your
Hartwood VA
commercial property.
We have a long track record of serving national landlords and individual businesses alike. We will make sure your properties stay pest free so you can focus on running a successful business.
  • Hartwood VA
    Commercial & industrial pest control
  • Shopping centers, restaurants, warehouses, food production facilities, manufacturing plants, stand alone and inline retail spaces.
  • State-certified technicians
  • 24-hour and same day emergency services
  • One-time service or annual contract based on your needs
  • All services come with a warranty for peace of mind
  • State licensed and locally owned
  • Total integrated pest management programs
  • Locally owned and operated
Hartwood VA
Residential Pest Control
Environmental Pest Control provides the highest quality residential pest control. All employees are background checked and drug tested so you can be assured you have a professional coming to your home. Our service times are quick - we provide 24-48 hour turn around times in almost all situations. We make doing business a breeze - we provide email/text service reminders 48 hours before every service, we provide text notifications on the day of service when your technician is on their way, and, if you are not able to be home, we leave a service sticker confirming we we treated your property. Call us today to get a free estimate for pest control on your residential property today!

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