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Mice & Rodent Control in

Aspen Hill MD

Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

Mice Exterminator & Rodent Removal in

Aspen Hill MD

Environmental Pest Control is a mice exterminator and rodent removal company in
Aspen Hill MD
. Our highly trained technicians have the experience to address any rodent issue you have.  Mice and rodent infestations take many weeks, of actively managed pest control, to get the problem under control so don’t wait, contact a professional right away.
Are Mice & Rodents in
Aspen Hill MD
It is important to call a mice removal company immediately, if you believe you have a rodent infestation, because mice and rodents are very dangerous. They can transmit many diseases and infections from breathing air that is contaminated with their droppings and urine, through direct contact with feces and urine, and through bites. Mice are also major vectors of parasites like fleas and ticks. They can cause allergic reactions especially in children. Add to that the danger posed by chewing through wires and building materials and they pose a serious threat in
Aspen Hill MD
. Once they are established they can breed quickly and be difficult to exterminate. Eradication is dangerous and should be left to a professional rodent control company. Click to view our pest control programs that protect against rodents and other pests year round! However, if you have an existing rat or mice infestation our expert pest exterminators can resolve it safely so call us today!
How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Attic, Home, or Walls in
Aspen Hill MD
Getting rid of mice from your house, whether they are in the attic or walls, requires multiple strategies depending on the severity of the mice infestation.  Controlling mice and rodent populations takes multiple weeks so it is important for home owners to not delay and seek help from a professional exterminator.
1) Quarterly pest control with rodent stations. This is the first line of defense against a mice infestation. A proper quarterly pest control program should always include rodent stations strategically placed around the exterior of the home. If there is an active mice infestation, a minimum of 3-4 rodent stations should be set in place. After 2-4 weeks, after the mice have eaten the bait inside the stations, you should notice a big improvement as less mice are now entering your home with this exterior protection.
2) Ground level exclusion/seal up. This is the second step in mice control. Mice only need a 1/4" gap, or roughly the size of a dime, to get into your home! So, first, make sure all your exterior door sweeps are in good working order. A professional mice exterminator will perform a ground level seal up where all gaps and voids around the base of the home are sealed up so the mice cannot get in.
3) Interior products - when mice make their home inside, in addition to the measures listed above, interior throw packs and/or bait stations must be set up.
Signs of Mice & Rodent Infestation in
Aspen Hill MD
Since mice & rodents are awake from dusk until dawn, it is easy for homeowners to never know they have a problem to begin with.  Below are some signs to look for in your home or business – if you experience any of these, call Environmental Pest Control right away for a free inspection.
  • Musty, ammonia like smell from urine and feces.  This smell gets worse the warmer it is so is often easiest detected in the summer months.
  • Nesting materials like shed paper, plant matter, etc…
  • Small holes in floors or walls.
  • Scratching or clawing sounds in walls or ceiling, particularly around dusk and dawn.  At dusk, the mice & rodents will make their way from their nesting area to get outside of your home for the night.  Conversely, at dawn, they will make their way back to their nesting area.
What do Mice Eat in
Aspen Hill MD
Mice are omnivores, meaning that they eat both plant and animal matter.  Their diet is largely herbivorous and made up mostly of foods like seeds, grains, and fruit.  They prefer foods that are high in carbohydrates.  In times of starvation, mice will eat almost anything, including their young if it is needed for survival!
How Long do Mice Live in
Aspen Hill MD
On average, mice usually live for about 12 to 18 months. The presence of food, shelter, and predators determines how long mice live. Rodents infesting a home typically survive longer than mice in their natural environment.
Types of Mice in
Aspen Hill MD
1) Deer Mice - A deer mouse has a gray or tawny brown coat, a pointed nose, rounded ears, and large black eyes. Their bodies are two to three inches in length, and their tails are dark on top and pale on the bottom. The pests' white underbellies, pink paws, and short forelimbs also make them easy to identify.
2) House Mice - House mice are typically dusty gray with cream-colored bellies. Fur color varies from light brown to dark gray depending on the mouse's location. House mice have four legs and a round shaped body. Their muzzles are pointed, and their ears are large with some hair.
Click HERE to view our pest control programs that protect against rodents and other pests year round!
However, if you have an existing rat or mice infestation our expert pest exterminators can resolve it safely so call us today!

Mice and Rodent FAQ's

What areas do you service?

Please Click Here to see our entire MD, VA and WV coverage areas.

What is the average cost for a mice exterminator in the MD, VA, WV area?
What is the cost for a home mouse inspection?

Professional mouse control and extermination costs vary depending on the market, the service type, the size of the infestation, and if there is a warranty provided. Average costs for a one-time mouse exterminator are about $150-$450. Annual recurring General Pest Control Plans, which include mice and other pests are $320-720 per year. Most pest control companies will perform a free mouse-rodent inspection. CLICK HERE to see a complete list if average pest control prices. 

Can I get rid of mice on my own? 

You can try but many homeowners fail. That is because mice are perfectly adapted to living with humans and they keep coming back to seek shelter and food. There is no shortage of DIY mouse control products out there, everything from traps, glues, to ultrasonic sound devices. However, the best approach is an integrated pest management program from a professional exterminator that routinely services your property. These programs include exclusion and extermination services. A mouse can squeeze through an opening as small as ¼ of an inch. Finding and sealing every opening, especially in older houses is a daunting task. Mouse control is an ongoing battle that stresses prevention and not usually a one-time fix. Even professional mouse exterminators, armed with knowledge and specialty products, can take 30-60 days to eliminate a mouse infestation. 

Are mice dangerous to your home and health? 

Yes, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Mice can carry up to 35 different diseases such as salmonella and hantavirus spreading from their urine or droppings. Rodent droppings can also trigger allergies in some people, especially children. Mice are known vectors of diseases by carrying fleas, ticks, or mites into your home. Add to that the danger posed by chewing through wires and building materials and they pose a serious threat. 

How can I tell if I have mice in my home? 

Mice are cautious and you may have them as uninvited guests…. but never see them. Until they takeover. Mice have immense breeding characteristics. Reaching sexual maturity at just 4-6 weeks of age and a gestation period of just about three weeks, one mouse can give birth to 5-6 babies 10 times a year. Once you see them you usually have a major population. Our suggestion is to look for early signs of mice infestation, before they start breeding out of control. These signs include: little black droppings along walls the size of rice, scratching or scurrying sounds in walls, unusual musty odors, chewing or feeding marks on household food, stains along baseboards. The best places to look with a flashlight are basements, attics, kitchens, laundry and under appliances. 

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